Capital Projects

Presently there are three projects in the Capital Improvement Program pipeline. These include the Fine and Performing Arts Center, the Site Development Stage II Project, and the Natural Sciences Complex.

Fine and Performing Arts Center: This is a 123,475 gross square foot academic building to house the Department of Fine and Performing Arts. It includes a 400-seat main theater, a 200-seat black box theater, a 200-seat recital hall, studios for art, sculpture, ceramics, and dance, instructional laboratories and classrooms, as well as faculty and staff offices. The design for the project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2007 and if funding is approved, the construction will start in July 2008.

Site Development Stage II: This project will build upon the first stage of the site development project, which included sidewalks, utility upgrades, lighting, and landscaping. The Stage II Project will include realignment of Jericho Park Road as part of the University Loop Road, site utility upgrades and additional replacement of sidewalks and site lighting. The design is scheduled to start in July 2009.

Natural Science Complex: This project is programmed to be a 101,300 gross square foot building to house the current and projected academic requirements of the Department of Natural Sciences. It will provide classroom and specialized science laboratory space for teaching and research in biology, chemistry and physics, along with office space for faculty and staff. The existing Crawford Science Building will be renovated to house the Department of Mathematics and provide surge space for computer science. Design is scheduled to start in 2011.


In addition to the capital projects for academic buildings, there are other projects being planned to support improved student life. Presently these include a new student center and residence hall. The student center is programmed to start design in July 2008.

The start for the residence hall will depend on the avenue for financing but it is anticipated to start planning within the coming fiscal year.

Residence Hall: A study was completed to look at the feasibility of various options for renovating two existing residence halls as well as the need for new residence halls to accommodate future growth. The study determined that it is more feasible to pursue the construction of a new residence hall. Renovation of the existing halls will be done under a phased renewal and replacement program.

New Student Center: Presently the design for this project is programmed for FY 2008. The university will continue to pursue the acceleration of this project given the urgent need for a new facility.