About Us

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) was founded during the 1989-1990 school year by a small group of concerned graduate students. This group distributed a survey to all graduate students at Bowie State University and learned that, although graduate students make up 10% of Bowie’s student population, their needs and concerns were not being addressed by the administration. Therefore, The GSA was formed.

The GSA’s Mission is as follows: To represent all graduate students at Bowie state University. To increase the visibility, uphold and support the mission of Bowie state University. To provide a Vehicle for graduate student to express their needs, Interests and concerns. To provide a vehicle for graduate students to participate in social, academic and professional pursuits as participants in GSA.

We are a part of a Shared  Government In the Bowie State University.

How Can We Help You?

The GSA assists graduate students in the areas of:
Financial Aid Information, University Contact Information, Conferences, Campus Programs, Social Activities and Graduate School Information. It is our job to provide you with any assistance in any area you need. We are the voice of the graduate Student Body.