Membership & Organizations

Conference Sponsorship

GSA has sponsored several Graduate students who requested funds for Conferences and Workshops that helped to enrich the student's educational experience. For more information please check the conference sponsorship packet below. 

All graduate students are encouraged to participate in the Graduate Student Association. To become an active member, please attend two monthly meetings per semester, which will be announced on our calendar. GSA offers conference sponsorship to graduate student but because funding is limited, active members get first priority.

Click here to access the active membership application add attachment.

Graduate Organizations

These student organizations are open to all graduate students. To find out more about the organization, please contact the specific organization. If you would like to start your own graduate organization please complete the form below and bring it to the GSA office in the Center for Business and Graduate Studies Room 1308.

Click here to access the graduate organization packet.

Graduate Student Government

If you are interested in joining the Graduate Student Government click here: 

Volunteering Opportunities

Event Co-Sponsorship