Protégé Information

Thank you for your commitment and participation in the Bowie State University Male Initiative (BSU-MI). We want to encourage you to remain actively involved in your own education, both inside and outside the classroom. Your involvement will help you to be more successful now and in the future. To register, please complete the Protégé Registration Form.

We would like to encourage you to begin thinking of ways you can connect with the Male Initiative (or re-connect if you've participated in the past). After all, the program is designed to primarily connect you with Bowie State University faculty and staff who can help you develop and establish realistic and obtainable goals; keep you aware of your progress; and offer suggestions and feedback, where applicable. We are pleased that you are giving us an opportunity to share in your experiences. We are very committed to serving as resources for you and to continue encouraging and challenging you to explore new areas.

As we embark on a new academic year, we look forward to a new commitment to the BSU-MI. We fully understand your need for support so that you can unleash your full potential as great thinkers, innovators and leaders. We are therefore re-committing our time to ensure that you receive the much needed support. We believe that mentors play a critical role of imparting knowledge and skills, and that your attitude and habits lay the foundation for real and tangible outcomes. Please join us in our commitment to make this academic school year a rewarding experience for all.

For continuous improvement, a steering committee is diligently working to review the BSU-MI program to ensure that the needs of all male students - graduate, undergraduate, international, full time, part time, traditional, non-traditional, residential, and commuters - are benefiting the most from the interaction with the faculty/staff. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Robert Batten at 301-860-3830 or by email at


Robert Batten

Allen Mosley

Ricardo McCrary