Climate Commitment Coordinating Committee (C4)

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President, Dr. Mickey Burnim in 2006 established the Climate Commitment Coordinating Committee (C4) to initiate the development of a comprehensive plan to achieve climate neutrality on campus.

The C4 is committed to enhancing sustainability awareness as a way of life for all campus members. The C4 consists of student representatives, faculty, staff, and community partners who meet monthly throughout the academic year to plan green activities geared toward increasing education and awareness on sustainability initiatives for the campus community.

Committee Members

Student Green Ambassadors

Mary Ann Jackson and Ovando Brown are dedicated BSU students to helping preserve our campus and the Earth. They are an integral part of our C4 committee and help to lead in student sustainability efforts around the BSU community.

Green Ambassadors

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*If you are interested in becoming a member of BSU's C4 committee, please contact Jabari Walker, Asst to the VP of Administration & Finance at 301/860-3471.