Our Sustainability Partnerships


A $25,000 grant from the Verizon Foundation was awarded to fund sustainability projects at Bowie State University to help launch an advocacy campaign to engage students, faculty and staff in a series of initiatives to reduce campus energy consumption and increase personal commitments to sustainability.

Among the sustainability initiatives include developing a campus “climate commitment” website with related information to engage the campus and community, promoting alternative modes of transportation, implementing new technologies for energy conservation, and pursuing certifications for new and existing campus buildings that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient.

“Sustainability is an issue that Verizon is passionate about. From continuing to find ways of reducing our impact on the environment, minimizing the carbon footprint, buying hybrid automobiles as part of our fleet, and more, we are constantly focused on our corporate responsibility. Successful sustainability initiatives require real partnerships. We are pleased to stand with Dr. Burnim and invest in the great work that the students and faculty of BSU will complete.”

Anthony A. Lewis
Verizon's mid-Atlantic region vice president of state government affairs

Johnson Controls        

BSU contracted with JCI, in an Energy Performance Contract which will significantly lower utility bills over a 14 year contract term. BSU is expected to receive a positive cash flow of over $1.2 million upon contract expiration.

Some of the major improvements and innovations seen are:

  • Energy efficient lighting that turns off when spaces are unoccupied
  • Water conservation devices, including low-flow toilets and faucet aerators
  • Tighter insulation of the building envelope
  • Power conservation of computers, vending machine and other devices
  • Electric sub-metering
  • HVAC equipment upgrades to deliver more precise control of temperature, airflow, humidity and other comfort factors

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Toyota Green Initiative

Based on our known campus-wide efforts, TGI (Toyota Green Initiative)launched its Green Initiative on the BSU Campus in 2008 and since that time BSU remains a stop on the Toyota Green Initiative (TGI) tour and produced the highest number of recycled items in 2012. TGI also provides a stipend for our HBCU Green Ambassador who attends an all expense paid Green Ambassador Training session at Clark Atlanta University.

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Thompson Hospitality

BSU’s food vendor offers an array of sustainable initiatives and programs including: ‘Project Clean Plate’, purchasing initiatives and sustainable practices for Waste Management, Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency and Pollution control. 

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ABM Janitorial Services

BSU’s janitorial service uses green cleaning products and green paper products.

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