Faculty Senators 2013-2014

College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Communications: Adrian Krishnasamy — akrishnasamy@bowiestate.edu

Department of Computer Sciences: Sharad Sharma — ssharma@bowiestate.edu

Department of English and Modern Languages:

Department of Fine and Performing Arts: Marymal Holmes — mholmes@bowiestate.edu

Department of History and Government: George Sochan — gsochan@bowiestate.edu

Department of Mathematics: Chaobin Liu — cliu@bowiestate.edu

Department of Military Science:

Department of Natural Science: Steve Sheffield — ssheffield@bowiestate.edu

At-large: David Kaloustian — dkaloustian@bowiestate.edu,
Frederick Mills — fmills@bowiestate.edu

College of Business

Department of Accounting, Finance, and Economics:

Department of Management Information Systems:

Department of Management, Marketing, and Public Administration:

At-large: Richard Lowery III — rlowery@bowiestate.edu

College of Education

Department of Counseling:

Department of Educational Leadership: Paul Hester – phester@bowiestate.edu

Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development:

At-large: Cubie Bragg — cbragg@bowiestate.edu,
John Organ — jorgan@bowiestate.edu

College of Professional Studies

Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services: Elliott Parris — eparris@bowiestate.edu

Department of Nursing: No Senate representative

Department of Psychology: Cheryl Blackman — cblackman@bowiestate.edu

Department of Social Work: Makeba Green — mkthomas@bowiestate.edu

At-large: Freddie Vaughns — fvaughns@bowiestate.edu,
Patricia Westerman — pwesterman@bowiestate.edu


Library: Philip Tajeu —ptajeu@bowiestate.edu