Graduate Student Association

Presidential Student Leadership Award 2014

The BSU Presidential Student Leadership Award annually

recognizes the top undergraduate and graduate student



Recipient will receive an award…

Bowie State Green Initiative

The Graduate Students Of Bowie state Proudly Sponsor the Go Green Initiative of Bowie State

GSA Elections

The Graduate students would be Having there Elections for new officers

May 7th 2014


Come Out and Vote!!


The Graduate Students Awards Night

Honoring all Graduate Students, Liaisons and Ambassadors.


Venue - Martin Crosswinds GreenBelt

May 9th, 2014


The Graduate Student Association provides activities, conference sponsorships and events geared towards providing networking opportunities for the graduate students here at BSU.  GSA also has monthly meetings with graduate students where we are able to hear comments, concerns and try to provide a solution.

GSA purpose is to represent all graduate students at Bowie State University. Increase the visibility of and uphold and support the mission of Bowie State University. Provide a vehicle for graduate students to express their needs, interests and concerns.

GSA Email: