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The theatre arts program at Bowie State University offers the Bachelor of Science degree, with a concentration in musical theatre. The program is designed to offer historical, theoretical, and experiential studies in acting, directing, stagecraft, dance, and children's theatre, as well as the fundamentals of theatre scholarship.

Students in the musical theatre concentration rigorously experience becoming a "triple threat" (actor, dancer, and singer), while learning the history and theory of musical theatre as one of America's unique contributions to the theatrical arts. Students are required to audition in their freshman year and are assessed again at the end of their sophomore year for continuance in the concentration. The program also requires students to participate in auditions on and off campus, as well as in rotated casting, crew, and design assignments, all of which enhances artistic growth and combines production experiences with classroom studies.

As students are guided to develop their personal visions of the theatre as a dynamic cultural force, they are trained in the traditional skills necessary for entering professional work and succeeding in graduate studies.

Program Requirements:

  1. Completion of the basic requirements of the University and demonstration of satisfactory growth within a program.
  2. Students must earn at least a grade of "C" in courses taken in theatre; otherwise the course in question must be repeated.
  3. Evaluation of student development and advancement includes consideration of production and studio-project experiences.
  4. Students are required to fulfill acting, audition, and crew assignments, except where specific exemptions have been approved in advance.
  5. Students entering the program who have previous training and experience will be evaluated by the faculty and may be exempted from some requirements depending upon the level of ability and experience demonstrated.
  6. Students are to participate in various off-campus auditions, as well as those for department productions.
  7. Students with a fundamental weakness in any area of study may be required by the department to take additional course work in that area.

Graduation Requirements: All BSU majors require a minimum of 120 or more credits.


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