Dual Degree Mathematics/Engineering Program

Tentative Program Coordinator: Dr. Nelson Petulante

The five-year Dual-Degree Program in Engineering is designed for those students who desire a stronger background in the liberal arts and a more thorough preparation in science and mathematics than are obtained in the usual four-year curriculum. The liberal arts curriculum, which includes courses in the social sciences and humanities, as well as preparatory engineering courses in mathematics, chemistry, and physics, helps develop broad cultural perspectives, and analytic and communication skills.

The program is divided into two phases, the first of which takes place at Bowie State University, a fully accredited, state-supported university with low-cost tuition and fees. After completing the required three-year curriculum at BSU, the student may elect to attend George Washington University in Washington, DC, the University of Maryland, College Park, or Morgan State University in Baltimore for an additional two years. The student has various engineering disciplines and options from which to choose. Upon completion of the engineering curriculum at one of the schools, the student receives a BS degree from Bowie State University and a BS degree in an engineering discipline from the cooperating university.

Employers are increasingly seeking engineers with strong backgrounds in engineering disciplines as well as the liberal arts. Only a very small percentage of engineers are black, Hispanic, or American Indian. However, affirmative action policies demand that a proportion of employees within companies be drawn from this segment of the population. Women interested in this previously male-dominated field should be encouraged by the job market to enter the engineering profession.