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Spring 2015 News


 Bowie State University Entrepreneurship Academy
Idea Competition


ELIGIBILITY:  This campus-wide Idea Competition is open to all students enrolled at BSU for the Fall 2014 and/or Spring 2015 semesters in any undergraduate or graduate program of study.  Individual students or student teams (not to exceed four people) are eligible to enter this competition.


EVALUATION:  A panel of judges consisting of successful entrepreneurs, selected members from the Entrepreneurship Academy Advisory Council, BSU faculty, BSU alumni, and representatives from the Bowie Business Innovation Center will evaluate the Ideas in three areas:  Idea, Problem or Opportunity addressed, and SWOT analysis.


IDEA CATEGORIES: Ideas in all types of categories are acceptable, including:  products and services related to:  sustainability, urban social entrepreneurship, social media, information technology, financial services, healthcare, public administration, arts and sciences, education, behavioral sciences and human services, psychology, and social work.



TIMELINE:              April 6, 2015:              Entry forms submitted by 5:00 pm             Submit to

                              April 16, 2015:            Finalists notified

                              April 23, 2015:            Final competition and Awards Ceremony  (Finalist will give a five minute presentation to judges)


CONTACT:  For additional information and/or to receive an application, please refer to

 Business Idea Competition Application




COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Accounting, Finance & Economics

1st Annual BANKER’S DAY


Representatives from eight area banks, including M&T Bank, Industrial Bank and Bank of America, will be present for panel discussions, mock interviews, and employer information tables. This event has been created with AFE students in mind. All BSU faculty and students are welcome.


Thursday, April 16, 2015        

11:00 am to 2:00 pm  Business bldg 1209




Phone: (301) 860-4231; E-mail:



NASP (National Association of Securities Professionals), Annual Mentors Luncheon & Career Symposium, 2015


A group of seven Bowie State University College of Business students from various disciplines attended the 2015 Annual NASP Mentors Luncheon & Career Symposium in New York City, on February 6th , 2015.The group was led by Dr Sunando Sengupta, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Banking and Finance Concentration in the Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics, College of Business. The event was hosted by UBS at their corporate headquarters in NYC. Various sponsors of the event included GCM Grosvenor, Morgan Stanley, Nationwide Insurance, PFM Group and of course UBS. The various speakers at the event including Mr Orim Graves, Executive Director of NASP and various panelists from Wall Street firms like Citi, Ramirez Asset Management, Nationwide, Goldman Sachs and one representative from the Securities and Exchange Commission, all stressed on the importance of 1) alumni networking 2) showing genuine interest in the firm with whom a candidate is interviewing 3) being conversant in the language of the field( eg Goldman Sachs loves to hear the word “leverage” in an interview) 4) preparing through college for a career in finance by taking quantitative courses etc. Interestingly, Ms Tracey McNeil from SEC talked about the newest trends of job growth in the finance industry that is in regulation, courtesy Dodd-Frank Act, 2010. It was also interesting to hear that you can get into the finance industry with almost any background in college, doesn’t necessarily have to be in finance, but its critical to develop the required tool set like quantitative skills, analytic skills etc throughout college. There was also an interesting discussion of how STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) backgrounds are becoming key to finding jobs in finance. Cybersecurity is another key market trend in terms of jobs. There was one session where actual recruiters from these various Wall Street companies were present at various tables to discuss various positions available at their organization. There was an excellent session on resume building and students were given hands on guidance on how to effectively compose their resumes. The closing session was information on various certificates, classes, technical skill sets that one can pursue while in college to get ready for a career on the Wall Street. A great daylong networking and information gathering session on the whole and we look forward to participating in this event next year.


Student comments:


Almi Yoloye writes “The NASP conference was a very beneficial conference that I enjoyed attending. I suggest this event to all business majors, especially those in the finance field. I was granted the opportunity to speak with the panelists that took the time to critique my resume. I really appreciate their effort because they elaborated on what employers would like to see on resumes from college students. This advice is very helpful because I can now take the necessary steps to edit my resume and push me one step forward in my career.”

 John Sumner writes, “My experience was that the trip was very valuable.  We learned what recruiters are looking for and the harsh reality is that if our resume doesn't pass the glance test of about 10 seconds the content and the person behind the piece of paper doesn't matter.  In order to be competitive and land the job we have to first get the interview.  I believe seeing possible mentors that have been where we are today and have done what it takes to make it was an invaluable experience and one every student needs to have in order to strive for success”. 

Samantha Miller writes, “The NASP event was an excellent experience! A few of us were given the opportunity to travel to New York City to the UBS building. There, we networked with professionals from many organizations, as well as, students from many schools. The panelists were very friendly, helpful and honest. They were open to all questions and more than willing to keep in contact with the students. There were many presentations that assisted us in landing the best jobs and perfecting our resumes.I have gotten resume help prior to this event, however, the information I received during this event was extremely beneficial. It allowed the students to see how an employer reviews resumes and what we should and shouldn't have on there. Overall, this event allowed me to meet a lot of people that are involved in industries that I am interested in building my career in. I have a lot of new networks of individuals who have been pushing me to be the very best. I thank the College of Business for this opportunity.”



Spring 2015 Opportunities



Spring 2015 TEKsystems Externship Day Applications

The TEKsystems/Bowie State University Extern Day event is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, April 9, 2015 from 11:30 am to 3 pm. (Location TBA). TEKsystems would like to meet with Bowie State University (May/December 2014 and May 2015) business major graduates as potential hires. If you’re interested, read the following instructions and complete the attached application by March 27th, 2015.

Chosen applicants will have an intimate look at the TEKsystems Corporation organizational structure, an explanation of positions and duties, as well as a list of upcoming job opportunities.

This event is designed to: allow TEKsystems representatives to get to know you better; help you to consider your current strengths and weaknesses as you prepare for the future; help you learn the organizational structure at TEKsystems; and give you insight as to what most business managers are looking for in new employees

The TEKsystems Extern Day is a great opportunity to become more competitive!

Get instructions here.

Get your application here.


Fall 2015 Scholarship Applications

Persistence Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded annually to Bowie State University business administration major(s) with 50-100 credits (including 15 credits of business courses) successfully completed at the scholarship application deadline.  Priority is given to students that have 3-15 credits remaining to complete their academic program. Eligible applicants must meet the minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.500 and submit their FAFSA to the Office of Financial Aid at Bowie State University by the March 1, 2015 deadline. Scholarship winners will be announced at the annual Pillars of Success Awards Ceremony in Spring 2015. (Please see the application for more details.)

Get your application here. 

Pillars of Success Scholarships

All eligible applicants must have a 3.2 or higher grade point average and have earned between 60-102 (60-109 for accounting) cumulative credit hours by the application deadline. Student must be a business major and enrolled at Bowie State University during the semester which the funds will be dispersed. The application deadline is Wednesday, March 1, 2015 and will be awarded for the 2015-2016 academic year. Scholarship winners will be announced at the annual Pillars of Success Awards Ceremony in Spring 2015. Up to three awards worth a maximum of $500 are given each academic year.

Get your application here.


Fall 2014 Scholarship Winners

Persistence Scholarship - $500 each

Ronald Prue

Discipline Scholarships - $1000 each

Anh Nguyen — Accounting
Harman Singh — Banking & Finance
Phillip Wade — Business Information Systems
Lo’vanne Milton — Management
Denya Resumadero — Marketing

Pillars of Success Scholarships - $1500 each

Thao Le — Character
Dominique Cooper — Determination
Almi Yoloye — Excellence
Christopher Grant — Professionalism