College of Professional Studies

The College of Professional Studies is comprised of four academic departments--Behavioral Sciences and Human Services, Nursing, Psychology, and Social Work. Each department is focused on delivering instruction that prepares students to describe, analyze, and solve social, economic, psychological, and health-care problems that restrict our society’s ability to maximize positive human potential for all. The departments within the college integrate liberal arts and sciences with theory and application specific to each professional discipline. In addition to classroom study, students learn through online and web-enhanced courses, field placements, internships, and clinical practice opportunities. The college places a strong emphasis on both academic and practical experiences making it attractive to students who are new to a professional academic field of study, continuing students searching for a career-oriented education path, or professionals desiring to advance their knowledge and skills. Drawing on a rich faculty with expertise in their respective disciplines, the departments provide well-rounded and customized programs to prepare students for employment and graduate studies in a variety of fields.