Psychology Department Overview:

As a psychology major at Bowie State University, you’ll receive a solid foundation in basic psychological theories such as human development, thought and behavior, and develop the ability to understand individual differences. You will become a part of the rich history of scholarship, community service and caring for humanity that is fundamental to the discipline of psychology. 

Psychology majors attend professional conferences, present research, assist professors and students, volunteer for local social programs and promote good mental health across the campus. To accommodate the busy schedule of our students, the department offers courses during each academic session which include daytime, evening and online classes. The Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts degrees prepare you to continue your education as many of our graduates enroll in masters and doctoral programs. As a professional or a continuing student in the psychology discipline, you can apply the theories, skills and knowledge from field experiences that you obtain from this program to your future educational goals and careers.

What you’ll learn:

As a student in psychology, you will be prepared to be a critical thinker and observer of human behavior.  You will learn how people think and acquire knowledge and to appreciate the cultural similarities and differences that make us unique individuals.    Coursework will emphasize the development of skills and abilities such as research and data analysis, and provide a good knowledge base for topics such as human development, social psychology, psychopathology, cognition, personality and group processes.   Other skills will be honed outside of the classroom from experiences gained during internships, as a research assistant or as a teaching assistant.  Ultimately, you will learn of the vast opportunities and diversity in the field of psychology.

Career Paths:

Here are some examples of jobs that people with psychology degrees currently hold:

Bachelor’s Degree Careers (BS or BA)

Elementary/High School Teacher

Criminal Investigator, Federal Agent

Victims’ Advocate

Human Factors Engineer 

Politician/Political Profiler 

Personnel Director/Consultant 


Substance Abuse Counselor


Graduate Degree Careers (MS, MA, PhD, MD and/or PsyD)

Psychologist (clinical, forensic, engineering, developmental, etc)

Psychiatrist (medical school required)




Trial Consultant

Art Therapist