College Chronicles: College Students Need a Break

Why is it that at this time in our lives we have to work our butts off just to work our butts off even more for the rest of our lives? There should be a law that anyone who’s attending college should not work. We should be taken care of by the nation in order to focus on being the best generation we can be. ... Click headline to read more

‘Hatred’: Too Violent or Just A Game?

 “Hatred” is not the only game that enables senseless acts of chaos on screen. Games like the “Grand Theft Auto” series have dealt with similar scrutiny since 2001. Both games are intended for mature audiences, and characters can go on a "genocidal crusade" if GTA players choose to be sidetracked from story missions. ... Click headline to read more

The Maryland Gubernatorial Race: A Last-Minute Comprehensive Voters' Guide

On Nov. 4 voters will go to the polls to elect either Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown (D) or businessman Larry Hogan (R) as the new governor of Maryland, the state’s chief executive officer. This election in particular has garnered national interest beyond expectations. ... Click headline to read more