Department of Fine and Performing Arts


We create. We connect and we inspire.

As a creative industry, we impact and influence the lives of many.  The  visual and performing arts are both highly competitive fields and ever changing in terms of technology, trends and demand. However, having a strong foundation, professional training and network are critical. Also of great importance are the abilities to solve current and future problems; and being able to communicate, collaborate and innovate effectively.

Consistent with the University's overall mission, the Department of Fine and Performing Arts (DFPA) is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and holistic education that will produce empowered graduates prepared to meet the challenges of their discipline, stay abreast of technology, and embrace diversity. The department fosters community outreach that perpetuates an overall appreciation of visual art, design, music, dance, and theatre,  and the recognition of their places in academe. Our department consists of the following academic areas. They are Art, Visual Communication & Digital Media Arts (VCDMA), Music, Music Technology and Theater Arts. 

The Department of Fine & Performing Arts (DFPA) offers two programs that lead to the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees. Students may seek a major in Fine Arts with a concentration in Art (Studio), Music, or Music Technology and receive a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Students in the Visual Communication & Digital Media Arts (VCDMA) will concentrate in either Advertising Design, Fashion Design, Digital Cinema and Time-Based Media, Animation & Motion Graphics or Digital Media Arts. Theatre Arts students will concentrate in Musical Theatre or Acting/Directing. Both the VCDMA and Theatre Arts program provide a Bachelor of Science degree. The minimum number of credit hours required for all Bachelor’s Degrees varies between 120 and 122 credits. Minors in Art, VCDMA, Theatre Arts and also in Visual Culture and Museum Studies are also available. For specific admissions, application procedures and requirements please visit the specific major, concentration and/or program.

The DFPA Arts Gala and new Fine and Performing Arts Center (FPAC) were featured in Prince George's Magazine and Prince George's Suite TV (Online). Order the summer issue, "BRAVO! First Look" on the FPAC in Prince George's Suite Magazine here