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The Visual Communication and Digital Media Arts (VCDMA) enables and empowers students for a career in visual communication and media arts. Students who follow this concentration are introduced to opportunities in graphic design, digital filmmaking, animation, fashion design, digital art and imaging, and multimedia. The new VCDMA (BS) major replaces the previous Computer Graphics Art concentration. The VCDMA program offers (5) five
concentrations in Advertising Design,  Animation & Motion Graphics, Digital Cinema & Time-Based Media, Digital Media Arts and Fashion Design. 


By choosing a program that merges art, design, digital media production, technology and business/marketing, you will be prepared to enter a vast number of careers and industries. The VCDMA program strengthens itself through strategic partnerships with departments and programs on campus as well as professional organizations and networking outside of the university. Students are also prepared to continue on to graduate school and future academic pursuits.

The field of visual communication is a successful and expanding industry. Students will be exposed to a liberal arts program that provides access to technology, research and training to enter this vast career with success. There are various opportunities in advertising in print, multimedia, product and fashion design; as well as in new media (motion graphics, video, animation and game design).

The Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area is a major center for the arts, government, entertainment, technology and business, both nationally and internationally. This rapidly expanding area will allow graduates to find creative employment and research opportunities in related fields. Additionally, VCDMA faculty actively assists students with obtaining internships and at times employment opportunities in the field, both locally and nationally. The vast employment opportunities available for visual communication graduates include:

  • design and animation studios
  • online design companies
  • video game and development companies
  • book, magazines and newspapers
  • publishing houses
  • textile and industrial/product design companies
  • film, motion graphics and video production companies and studios
  • advertising agencies
  • boutiques, clothing stores, department stores, clothing buyers/manufacturers; stylist(s)
  • theatres, athletic and entertainment venues
  • museums and galleries
  • government and non-profit organizations
  • cable, local and international television networks and stations
  • social media organizations and companies


The minimum number of semester hours required for the bachelor's of science degree is 120-122. Students who choose to concentrate in a particular area must consult with the VCDMA Program Coordinator. Additionally, students from other departments may seek to minor in VCDMA and should develop a track scheme with faculty in VCDMA and complete 24 credits in a specific VCDMA area of concentration. Transfer and prospective students must also submit a portfolio with their application. VCDMA also offers minors in the concentration areas. The minor consists of 24 credits (21 in studio and one in an approved art history course). Please refer to VCDMA MINOR guidelines.

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