Faculty and Staff


M. Sammye Miller, Ph.D., Professor of History

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Betty A. Carrico


Mario D. Fenyo, Ph.D., History

William B. Lewis, Ph.D., Government and Divinity

M. Sammye Miller, Ph.D., History

Ralph L. Parris, Ph.D., Geography

Frederick B. Mills, Ph.D., Philosophy

Associate Professors:

Benjamin O. Arah, Ph.D., Government & Philosophy

Tamara L. Brown, Ph.D., History & Dance (Performing Arts)

George S. Sochan, Ph.D., History

Assistant Professors:

Melvin Barrolle, Ph.D., History

Robert Birt, Ph.D., Philosophy

E. Tsekani Browne, Ph.D., History

Karen Cook-Bell, Ph.D., 19th & 20th Centuries United States History & Gender Studies

David Leon Reed, Ph.D., 19th Century United States History & Social Studies Education

D. Osei Robertson, Ph.D., Government

Dennis Rogers, Ph.D., Government


Tibo Solymosi, Ph.D., Philosophy

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MLK Office No. Telephone No. Office Phone Numbers
Dr. Benjamin Arah 0217 301-860-3611 barah@bowiestate.edu
Dr. Karen Cook-Bell 0218 301-860-3615 kcookbell@bowiestate.edu
Dr. Robert Birt 0206 301-860-3646 rbirt@bowiestate.edu
Dr. Tamara L. Brown 0203 301-860-3612 tlbrown@bowiestate.edu
Dr. Mario Fenyo 0219 301-860-3607 mfenyo@bowiestate.edu
Dr. Melvin Barrolle   301-860-3608 mbarrolle@bowiestate.edu
Dr. William Lewis 0202 301-860-3602 wlewis@bowiestate.edu
Dr. E. Tsekani Browne   301-860-3739  
Dr. Sammye Miller 249 301-860-3600 smiller@bowiestate.edu
Dr. Frederick Mills 0217 301-860-3605 fmills@bowiestate.edu
Dr. Tibo Solymosi   (301) 860-3697 tsolymosi@bowiestate.edu
Dr. Ralph Parris 0216 301-860-3606 rparris@bowiestate.edu
Dr. David Reed 0247 301-860-3893 dreed@bowiestate.edu
Dr. Diarra Robertson 0209 301-860-3613 dorobertson@bowiestate.edu
Dr. George Sochan 0215 301-860-3604 gsochan@bowiestate.edu
Dr. Dennis Rogers 0209 301-860-3660 drogers@bowiestate.edu
Adjunct's Office 0248 301-860-3617