The Department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics with four options:

  • Pure Mathematics
  • Applied and Computational Mathematics
  • Mathematics Education
  • Dual Degree Mathematics/Engineering

Majors must earn a grade of "C" or better in each required mathematics course.


To prepare graduates with a flexibility to enable them to adjust to future changes in technology and to develop a sense of professionalism in their field of study.


Ms. Chinwe Didigu (BS in Applied Mathematics, Spring 2007), a graduate student in Computer Science, Bowie State University


  • To provide a quality education in mathematics
  • To provide students an environment that encourages and fosters the attitudes and disciplines essential to professional growth
  • To maintain viability of programs through systematic and continuous evaluation and modification
  • To prepare students for graduate studies or application of work in one of the many opportunities in government or industry


  • All students must take the English Proficiency Exam after successful completion of ENGL 102.
  • Additionally, secondary majors must take and successfully pass PRAXIS I and PRAXIS II.

Department of Mathematics

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