Master of Science: Applied and Computational Mathematics

Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. Roman Sznajder

The program of study leading to the Master of Science degree in applied and computational mathematics is designed to launch you into a career as a mathematical scientist, firmly prepared from the start to engage in the technical work of today's complex, computer-driven industries.

As a graduate of the program, you will emerge equipped with a strong foundation of advanced analytical skills, both in applied mathematics and in computer science. These advanced skills, for which there is a growing demand, will enable you to ascend to the technical career of your choice in industry, business, education, or government.

The curriculum of the program is oriented toward practical applications. The mathematics component of the curriculum consists of seven courses in applied mathematics, four of which are required, and three of which are electives. The computer science component of the curriculum consists of five courses, two of which are required, and three of which are electives.

In addition to the 36 credit hours of regular course work, the master's degree program requires each candidate to pass a comprehensive examination based upon the six required core courses.

For your convenience, the program offers a flexible schedule of evening classes, and a generous period of up to seven years to complete the course of study.