Academic Program

Bachelor of Science in Social Work

Apply TodayThe social work major is four-year undergraduate program offering theoretical and practical learning experience designed to prepare students for entry level professional social work practice and/or graduate level education. Successful students will earn a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in social work. Using a generalist approach, the curriculum is designed to equip graduates with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for practice at the entry level of the social work profession.


Course Requirements (37 semester hours)

SOWK 200     Introduction to Social work

SOWK 201     Social Welfare Policy I (fall only)

SOWK 202     Social Welfare Policy II (spring only)

SOWK 300     Stages of Development

SOWK 301     Human Behavior and the Social Environment (fall only)

SOWK 302     Social Work Research

SOWK 400     Social Work Methods I (spring only)

SOWK 401     Social Work Methods II (fall only

SOWK 402     Field Instruction I (and Seminar) (fall only)

SOWK 403     Field Instruction II (and Seminar) (spring only)

SOWK 404     Social and Ethical Issues Seminar


Core Electives (9 semester hours)

SOWK 303   Poverty: Myths and Realities

SOWK 305   Social Work with Children

SOWK 306   Social Work with Black Families

SOWK 307   Social Work and the Health Field

SOWK 308   Realities of Aging

SOWK 309   Social Work and Addictions

SOWK 310   Law and Social Work

SOWK 311   Social Work and Corrections

SOWK 312   Religion, Spirituality and Helping Profession

SOWK 406   Social Work with Communities

SOWK 407   Male-Female Relationships

SOWK 499   Selected Readings


Related Requirements-Spanish Option (27 semester hours)

ENGL 210     Intro to English Grammar or

ENGL 361     Technical Report Writing

GOVT 283    Urban Politics and Policy Analysis

PSYC 204     Elementary Statistics in Psychology or

SOCI 309     Elementary Statistics in Sociology

PSCY 410     Group Dynamics

SOCI 310     Race/Ethnic Relations

SOCI 407     Rural Sociology

SOCI 409     Urban Problems

SPAN  303    Spanish for Health Care Personnel

SPAN  405    Advanced Comp for Health Personnel

SPAN  430    Open Seminar in Hispanic Literature or


Related Requirements-Sign Language Option (27 semester hours)

ENGL 210      Intro to English Grammar or

ENGL 361      Technical Report Writing

GOVT 283     Urban Politics and Policy Analysis

CAAS 350      Sign Language I

CAAS 351      Sign Language II

PSYC 204      Elementary Statistics in Psychology or

SOCI 309      Sociology

PSCY 410      Group Dynamics

SOCI 310      Race/Ethnic Relations

SOCI 407      Rural Sociology

SOCI 409      Urban Problems

HUMA ____     Humanities Elective   


GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIRMENTS (46 - 47 semester hours)


English Composition (6 semester hours)

ENGL 101      Composition and Literature I

ENGL 102      Composition and Literature II


Arts and Humanities (9 semester hours)

COMM 101    Oral Communication

PHIL ___       Philosophy Elective

SPAN 303      First Year Spanish I


Social Sciences (12 semester hours)

ECON 211       Macroeconomics

HIST 114/115 African American History to 1865 or since 1865

PSYC 101       Introduction to Psychology

SOCI 101       Introduction to Sociology


Sciences (8 semester hours)

BIOL 101       Biological Science

PHSC ___       Physical Science


Mathematics (3 semester hours)

MATH 127     Introduction to Mathematical Ideas


Emerging Issues (3 semester hours)

COSC 110      Computer Literacy and Applications


Institutional Requirements (6 semester hours)

FRSE 101      Freshman Seminar

HEED 102      Life and Health or

IDIS 210       Contemporary Health Issues for Women