Faculty and Staff

Dr. Josephine Wilson, Chair

Ms. Connie Deas - Administrative Assistant

Dr. Marion Amory, Graduate Elementary Education

Professor Marshina Baker, Health Education

Dr. Joy Banks, Graduate Special Education

Dr. Constance Brooks, M.A.T. Coordinator

Dr. Thelon Byrd, Graduate Special Education

Dr. Barrie Ciliberti, Undergraduate Secondary Education

Dr. Bruce Crim, Graduate Secondary Education 

Dr. Julius Davis, M.A.T.

Dr. William Drakeford, Undergraduate Early Childhood/Special Education

Dr. Eva Garin, Undergraduate Elementary Education & PDS Coordinator 

Dr. Sylvia Lee

Dr. Lynne G. Long, Director of Field Placement

Dr. John Organ, Health Education

Dr. Rochelle Somerville, Undergraduate Early Childhood Special Education

Dr. Clarence Stewart, Health Education

Professor Barbara Smith, Elementary Education

Dr. Lucille Strain, Graduate Reading Education

Dr. Felicia Valdez, Undergradopenhouse/Graduate Special Education

Dr. Gwendolyn Williams, Graduate Reading Education