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Webinars are delivered live using conferencing software such as Bb Collaborate, WebEx, or Adobe Connect. Speakers or headphones required to listen. Some sessions may include a phone number to dial in. Please review the information provided by the vendor to make sure your computer is optimized and ready for the virtual experience.

Writing Objectives and Goals
February 13 at 11am EST — REGISTER

You have written goals and learning objectives before, but they take on added importance in online courses.  Given that you will not be seeing your students face-to-face, it is crucial that you craft clear statements about what specifically you want your students to learn.  In this webinar, you'll learn the difference between a goal and objective, how to write effective goals and objectives, and how assignments or activities, and assessments should all reflect the learning objectives. 

Literacy is Fundamental: Leveraging Critical Reading to Improve Student Writing
February 13 at 1 pm EST — REGISTER

How has the immediacy, ready access to, and wealth of information online impacted student literacy? And, how do we work to engage students in approaching information—and reading—in a way that helps to enhance their writing skills? In this webcast, we will share strategies for engaging students in reading critically towards improving their research skills and ultimately their ability to think and write critically.

How to Engage Students from the Start
February 20th at 1pm EST — REGISTER

Discussion boards, blogs, and wikis are promising tools for instructors to facilitate dynamic communication and collaboration activities to enhance any curriculum.  However we’ve all witnessed the use of these tools fall flat within instructional settings.  This webinar will share strategies and examples modeling how to create robust and engaging activities right from the start.

Revenge of the Vendor-Turned-Instructor and his Collaborative Technologies
February 27th at 1pm EST — REGISTER

After crowing about the benefits of collaborative online instruction for more than a decade as a technology professional, Matt Wasowski reveals what it's really like to put his webcam where is mouth is. How does he use collaborative technologies to teach creative writing to students 1,000 miles away? How do his students respond? Is collaboration a smash hit or a box-office clunker?

Ghostbusting: Getting the Ghostwriter Out of Your Class
February 27 at 1 pm EST — REGISTER

How "custom" are custom essays written by writers for hire? And, what do students expect to receive when they pay for a paper? More importantly, how can instructors effectively identify purchased papers and guide students away from using these services? In this webcast, we will share strategies and approaches for identifying ghostwritten work as well as how instructors can turn students away from using custom essay writing services.

Getting to the (Power)Point:  Addressing Plagiarism in Student Presentations
March 5 at 1 pm EST — REGISTER

With so much emphasis being placed on student projects and the use of presentations to showcase that work--particularly when that work is multi-media based--how are teachers addressing the inappropriate use of original content or source material? What are some best practices for using student presentation assignments to help build their media and digital literacy skills? In this webcast, we will share strategies for working to enhance student understanding of proper citation and attribution when using media in presentations and projects.

Authentic Assessment - How Do They Really Know?
March 6th at 1pm EST — REGISTER

Einstein kept a sign in his office that said, “Not everything that is counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.”   As educators, we are well aware that the objective assessments we use with students are only ‘snapshots in time.’  Authentic assessment focuses on students' analytical skills; ability to integrate what they learn; creativity; ability to work collaboratively; and written and oral expression skills. It values the learning process as much as the finished product.  This webinar will include examples of how to integrate authentic assessments in your course.

Study Results: The Effectiveness of Turnitin in Higher Education
March 13 at 1 pm EST — REGISTER

Now more than ever, technology offers students the opportunity to readily search, copy and paste information into their academic work without proper citation or attribution. And, instructors are increasingly leveraging the benefits of digital grading to discover unoriginal work and provide quality feedback. In this webcast, we will delve into the study, "Turnitin Effectiveness in U.S. Colleges and Universities," the most comprehensive study on unoriginal student writing and digital grading in higher education to date.

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