CETL Loaner Program

Laptop Loaner Program

This program supports faculty professional presentations and research, as well as teaching with technology. Patrons may check out laptops from CLT room 347. Due to the limited number of laptops available, this will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Check-out Procedures

Complete a laptop borrower agreement form and submit to the CETL office. Give at least 24 hours notice for the request to be processed.

Broken Laptops

If broken laptops are returned without notice, the borrower may be charged for repair or replacement. Please note that CETL may not have extra laptops for replacements at the time. Broken laptops should be returned to CETL immediately with a description of the problem.

Overdue Laptops

CETL will notify the borrower when the laptop is two days overdue. If it is not returned within the next three days, the department chair will be notified for assistance in obtaining the laptop. If the laptop is not returned within a week with the assistance of the chair, the patron will lose borrowing privileges and may be charged with replacing the overdue laptop.