Academic Testing for Bowie Students

2014 Fall Test and Exam Registration Schedule

Registering With UTC for the Exam

You must register in advance with UTC for the exam that you plan to take (2 days prior to exam date).   Otherwise, UTC will not be able to administer the exam to you.   In order to register with UTC to take an exam, click on the link below and fill out the form.   Once registration is completed and your enrollment in the course is verified, you will receive an email confirmation that includes the date and time of the testing.  All testing will occur in the CLT Room/Lab 104.  Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the testing time so that you may check-in:

Please complete the registration form only ONCE.  If a session is CLOSED, please do not attempt to register for that session.  If you need to change the registration date/time, please call the UTC at (301)860-3295.  

Registration for the following tests/exams is available. Click on the course link for your instructor below.

Instructor Course (click link below)
Dr. Faux   MGMT 480 Final Exam Registration (CLOSED)
Dr. Knight   NURS 415 Final Exam Dec 17 @ 1 pm
Dr. Lawrence   BIOL 203 Final Exam Registration (CLOSED)
Dr. Mosley   COSC 110 Final Exam Dec 15, 19, and 22
Dr. Nadarajah   NURS 315 Final Exam Dec 17th 9 and 1; 18th @ 1
Dr. Ngwa-Suh   BIO 556, BIO 557 Final Exam Registration (CLOSED)
Dr. Osano   BIO 101-556 Final Exam Registration (CLOSED)
Dr. Sertsu   PHSC 100, PHSC 101 Final Exam Registration (CLOSED)
Dr. Ude   BIO 101-555 Final Exam Registration (CLOSED)
Dr. Westerman   PSYC 302 Final Exam Dec 9th @ 2 pm and 5 pm



The University Test Center is located in the Center for Learning and Technology (CLT) building, on the third floor, Suite 302.  Computerized testing occurs primarily in CLT 104 and CLT 311.


Monday – Friday:  8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 

Testing Services

The University Test Center (UTC) provides testing services for faculty who are teaching on-line courses. At present, testing services for paper and pencil exams are limited.  UTC aims to provide the best alternative-testing accommodations for all faculty and students.   It’s imperative that instructors contact UTC to reserve testing slots for their students. 

Academic Honesty/Testing Irregularities

The Code of Student Conduct is described in detail in the Student Handbook.  All regulations and policies are strictly enforced by UTC.  If UTC directly observes any instance of academic dishonesty, the student will be taken aside and explained that his/her testing will be terminated based on what was observed.  It will be explained to the student that the test, any unauthorized materials, and documentation of UTC’s observations will be turned over to the instructor, who will decide how the matter will be handled.

The University Test Center staff is aware that there are many pressures on students in a testing situation, and that any accusations of cheating can have serious academic, psychological, and legal ramifications.  Therefore, it is UTC’s policy never to accuse a student of cheating or speculate on the likely outcome of the "incident".  UTC is aware that it may be necessary for the student to test on other occasions, and it is important that the student feel comfortable about doing so.  UTC advises the student to discuss the situation with the instructor responsible for the test. 

Instructions for Students Who Plan to Test in UTC

Before you are permitted to take an exam in UTC, you must meet several criteria: 

  • Your name must appear on the class roster that your instructor submits to UTC;
  • You must present to UTC a form of identification (a driver’s license, military ID, Bowie card, or passport) with your photograph at the time of your exam.  
  • You must have registered with UTC to take the exam.

While taking an exam with UTC, do not create or participate in any situations that suggest academic dishonesty. If you create or participate in such situations during your exam time, then your testing session will be terminated, and your test, any unauthorized materials, and documentation of the situation will be turned over to your instructor, who will decide how the matter will be handled.