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Placement Testing 

Required for all first-time freshman and transfer students who have not completed their English, reading, and mathematics requirements. Performance on the placement examinations determines the courses in which students must enroll.

More Info: Placement Testing
Contact: Dr. Vicky Mosley and University Testing Services (UTS) 301-860-3295 or

Academic Advising

Required for all freshman and transfer students prior to registering for classes. The Academic Advising Center team provides centralized and integrated academic advising services in one-on-one and group settings until students complete 59 credits (unless you are majoring in nursing, computer science, English and social work).

More InfoAcademic Advising 
Contact: Dr. Yvette C. Galloway and the Academic Advising Center (AAC) 301-860- 4072  or

Discover BSU

An interactive orientation program that provides an introduction to campus life. Students will receive a BSU T-Shirt and book bag, meet fellow classmates and student leaders and be introduced to important campus departments.

More Info: Discover BSU FAQs
Click here to learn more about the 1-Day vs 4-Day Discover BSU Options
Contact: Ms. Tamisha C. Jackson and the New Student Orientation Leaders  (301) 860-4406 or