New Student Orientation

BSU students and guitar

Congratulations on your decision to attend Bowie State University! Welcome to the Bulldog Nation!

Now that you have been admitted, it is time for you to enroll in New Student Orientation (NSO)!
This happens in 2 steps:

  1. Pay the $80 enrollment fee:
    a.   By calling the Office of Student Accounts (301-860-3495)
    b.   By mail or in person at the Office of Student Accounts, Henry Administration Building, Suite 1300, 14000 Jericho Park Road, Bowie, MD 20715
    c.   By emailing the Office of Student Accounts at
  2. Enroll in an Orientation Session which includes:
    a.   Placement Testing — Testing in English, reading, and mathematics
    b.   Academic Advising — Introduction to academic policies, course selection, and registration
    c.   Discover BSU — Introduction to campus life

A mandatory orientation fee is assessed to your bill along with your tuition once you register for classes.

Dates for New Student Orientation (NSO) Sessions

Students must register for one of the NSO sessions listed below.

Click on Freshman* or Transfer to register.

Freshman Students*

Transfer Students

  •  June 11 (CLOSED)
  •  June 10 from 7:45 am - 1 pm (CLOSED)
  •  June 22 to 25 (CLOSED)
  •  June 17 from 7:45 am - 1 pm (CLOSED)
  •  July 9  from 7:30 am - 6 pm (CLOSED)
  •  July 8 from 7:45 am - 1 pm (CLOSED)
  • July 27-30 (4-day overnight session)
  • July 22 from 7:45 am - 1 pm (CLOSED)
  • Aug  7 from 7:30 am - 1 pm (1-day)
  • Aug 5 from 7:45 am - 1 pm (1-day)
  • Aug 13 from 7:30 am - 1 pm (1-day)
  • Aug 12 from 7:45 am - 1 pm (1-day)

*Note:  If you are attending Bulldog Academy, NSO is already included and you do not have to register at this time. The Bulldog Academy provides an opportunity to ease your transition from high school to college with the opportunity to earn college credits. Find out more about the Bulldog Academy program by clicking here.

Meet Your Orientation Leaders

Click here to find out more about the NSO session you registered for.