Alumni Relations

Dear Alumni,

I am humbled and excited to be welcomed back home to my Alma Mater as the Assistant Vice-President for Alumni Relations. The many well wishes and notes of encouragement have let me know that my acceptance of this position is in due season and will certainly assist in my personal growth as well as moving Bowie State University forward.  I am excited about the many positive possibilities that lie ahead for my office and the Bowie State University National Alumni Association, Inc. (BSUNAA).

Since coming into this new position, I have been on a “whirl wind” listening, observing, evaluating and a learning tour of Alumni Relations. I have attended the CIAA, several scholarship dinner dances, meet & greets, planning meetings, hosted one-on-one sessions with BSUNAA executive board members and chapter presidents; met with student leaders including the SGA and Student alumni association members, met with affinity group representatives, attended a national conference for alumni relations development, presented to the presidents cabinet and hosted many other planning meetings, just in my first 90 days.

This aggressive agenda has allowed me to get a much needed view of Alumni Relations that will assist in crafting a frame work that will be inclusive and comprehensive as we get to the work of our Alma Mater.

My immediate goals are simple and reflect what I have observed thus far.

1) the need for improved communications

2) improved application of technology

3) BSUNAA executive board resource development

4) Chapter development and growth

I look forward to working with each and every one of you to achieve these and other goals we set for Alumni Relations/BSUNAA development. I welcome your input and look forward to your continued participation in our effort to build on our legacy of giving back to Alma Mater. My office is available to assist, contact us at 301-860-4327.

Alma Mater True,

Darren M. Swain, ‘93 & ‘95


Alumni Relations Office

Goodloe Alumni House

14000 Jericho Park Road

Bowie, MD 20715