Residence Fees


(Prices are for one semester)

Alex Haley Residential Complex

Single- $3,351.00

Double- $ 2,981.00

Quad- $2,655.00

Towers Hall

Single- $2,726.00

Double- $ 2,533.00

Kennard Hall

Single- $2,669.00

Double- $ 2,461.00

Triple- $2,207.00

Holmes & Tubman Hall

Single- $2,632.00

Double- $ 2,424.00

Triple- $2,176.50



The Gold 19: (19 meals per week) with $150 Flex Dollars- $ 1,865.00

The Gold 14: (14 meals per week) with $175 Flex Dollars- $ 1,865.00

The Gold 10: (10 meals per week, Mon - Fri only) with $200 Flex Dollars- $1,534.00


Residence Hall Association Fee- $5.00


All students residing on campus must have a meal plan.

The following meals are served in the cafeteria Monday thru Friday; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Brunch and dinner are served in the cafeteria on the weekends. Flex dollars may be used any place on campus where the Food Services Vendor is the provider, including the cafeteria. Please be advised: flex dollars do not have any cash value and do not carry over from the fall semester to the spring semester. Additional flex dollars can not be added to your plan. 

NOTE: “Notwithstanding any provisions of this or any other University (college) publication, the University (college) reserves the right to make changes in tuition, fees and other charges at any time such are deemed necessary by the University (college) and the University Systems of Maryland Board of Regents.”