Commuter Affairs & Leadership

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For more information, contact Commuter Affairs and Special Programs at 301-860-3809 or Ms. Sharon Glaster B.A., M.A.

The Office of Leadership

Whether it be in or out of the classroom, on or off campus, in the local, broader, global community or beyond, students experience leadership in different settings.  At Bowie State University we recognize that all students engage in some activities that involve the practice of leadership.   

As such, the Office of Student Leadership coordinates campus wide efforts to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to develop and hone their leadership skills.  We are committed to enhance students' learning and to facilitate intentional opportunities for students to actively understand their experiences. 


To facilitate student personal growth and learning through intentional leadership development opportunities.


To create a community of diverse, socially just, engaged scholars who have acquired a  foundation of leadership and graduate as community and global leaders who contribute to the growth of our society and beyond.


Our goal is to better prepare students to serve as citizen leaders in a global community through deliberate programs and  services which are delivered through a variety of formats such as retreats, workshops, conferences, panel discussions, mentor programs, assessment tools, portfolios, and participation in professional associations. 

We recognize the importance of students' participation in their own leadership development and offer specific programs and services to support this growth.

Leadership development opportunities are available to all students and student groups.   

For applications or questions, please contact the Office of Student Leadership, Student Center, Suite 3008-H, 301-860-3809.



Workshops for Students

Experience Leadership:  Leadership BSU

Public Speaking:   It's How You Say It

Recognizing Your Leadership Styles:   Know Thyself

Financial Literacy:  Money, Money, Money, Money, Money

Social Media Etiquette:  You Used to Call Me on the Cell Phone

Self Discovery, Personal Values Assessment, Your Legacy:   Who Am I?

Embracing Diversity:  It's a Different World 

Health, Stress Management,  Meditation and Wellness:  Be Well

Networking:  You Can Get Anywhere from Here 

Accountability, Civility, Scholarship:  Core Values

Life Balance:  On The Run

Social Change:  What's Going On?  Let's Get Involved!

Polished, Poised, Professional :  How To Be


Leadership Topics, Workshops and Discussions for Groups/Clubs/Organizations

What's Your Leadership Style?

I'm a Leader, Now What?

Leadership 101 - Creating Your Leadership Vision and Carrying out your Mission

Leadership in Action :  Goal Setting, Delegation, Decision Making, Motivating Others, 

Creating Effective Teams

Team Building Exercises

Conflict Management and Resolution

Time Management

To schedule a leadership development session for your organization, or for a team consultation, contact us at 301-860-3809 or email

 The Office of Commuter Affairs

Located in the Student Center, the Office of Commuter Affairs supports and advocates for Bowie State University's vast and diverse commuter student population.  The office also serves as a resource center and base for students interested in commuter student involvement on campus.

We provide a plethora of programs and services to Bowie State University commuters.  So whether you are looking for off campus housing, student engagement, leadership opportunities, roommates, transportation and parking information or other commuter related activities, you can find your answers here.


To increase commuter student involvement, address commuter issues and concerns and bridge the communication and engagement gap between on and off campus students. 


Our vision is to create an environment where commuters are socially and educationally engaged; have fair representation on campus initiatives, and graduate as well rounded leaders and citizens. 

Commuter students are encouraged to visit our office in the Student Center, Room 3008-H to learn more about getting involved on campus and the additional services that we offer.   

Commuter Programming

To engage all students, we provide programs and events for Bowie State University students that are educational, social, emotional, spiritual, culturally diverse, and intellectual in nature.  Some recent events include:

  • Hispanic Heritage Cultural Events
  • Irish American Heritage Events
  • HIV AIDS Awareness Events
  • Festivals
  • Speakers
  • Lecture Series
  • Workshops
  • Student Appreciation Events
  • Leadership Programs

Commuter Student Association

The Commuter Student Association represents the commuter student body at Bowie State University.  The association hosts programs for commuter students and the student body as a whole; such as commuter appreciation events, commuter forums, cultural events, commuter student week, commuter study sessions and commuter workshops.  All commuter students are welcome and encouraged to join CSA!  For membership information please call or visit our office. 

Off-Campus Housing 

The Office of Commuter Affairs and Special Programs provides an Off-Campus Housing Listing for students looking for housing off campus.  If you are currently a Bowie State University student and are looking for off campus housing please see the following instructions.

To Request The Off Campus Housing Listing

Students seeking off campus housing should request access to the Off Campus Housing Listing.  Please click on the following link to submit your request: REQUEST ACCESS TO THE OFF CAMPUS HOUSING LISTINGS

In addition we also provide the opportunity for individuals to list available housing/properties on our current database. If you are interested in listing your property please follow the instructions below.

To List A Property for Off Campus Housing

Thank you for considering the students of Bowie State University and their off campus housing needs.  To register your property in our listing click on the following link: LIST MY PROPERTY 

Links for Other Housing Search Options

Click on these links for more off campus housing options and resources:

Commuter Services

Below is a brief list of some of the services offered in the Office of Commuter Affairs and Special Programs:

  • Furniture rental resource CORT FURNITURE RENTAL
  • Provide commuter student programs and activities
  • Provide roommate information
  • Provide membership information on the Commuter Student Association
  • Serve as commuter student advocates
  • Provide leadership opportunities for commuter students
  • Encourage commuter student involvement
  • Provide parking information and updates
  • Provide room rental information 
  • Provide upcoming campus event information
  • Provide information on clubs and organizations
  • Provide apartment locator information
  • Provide Metro/MARC schedule information 
  • Provide maps of the University.  Campus Map
  • Answer inquiries relating to commuter meal plan 
  • Parking information - click here