E. Wayne Rose Vice President for IT/CIO (301)860-3957
Marivic Weiss Associate VP for IT (301)860-3918
Carren Cecilio Technical Staff Assistant to VP (301)860-4331

Enterprise Applications Support

Cathy Lee Enterprise Applications Manager (301)860-3958
Paul Agboli PeopleSoft Administrator (301)860-3982
Ji-Wu Jia Enterprise Applications Developer (301)860-3995
Ning Zhuang Software Systems Developer (301)860-4444

Enterprise Functional Support

Carmela Falcone Enterprise Functional Support
Acting Manager
Weien Liu Functional and PeopleSoft
Security Analyst
Camille Jones Functional Analyst (301)860-4380
Norman Billie Functional Analyst (301)860-3938

Enterprise Support Services

Edna Palmer Interim Enterprise Support
Services Manager
Charles Quao Enterprise Support Associate (301)860-3985
Aaron Floyd IT Support Specialist (301)860-3951
Wallace Bush IT Support Administrator (301)860-3921
Jesse Ravenel IT Support Specialist (301)860-3951
Tolulope Oladipo IT Support Team Lead (301)860-4358
DIT Helpdesk   (301)860-4357

Enterprise Systems, Networking and Web Support

Brad Bothun Systems Engineering Manager (301)860-3952
David Elliot (contractual) Senior UNIX Administrator (301)860-3919 
Joe Howland Exchange Administrator (301)860-4377
Brian VanAlstine IT Systems Administrator II (301)860-3935
Marc Majerus IT Systems Administrator II (301)860-3987

Information Systems and Application Security

John Husfield Acting Technology Security Manager (301)860-3934 
Eric Zarghami Network Infrastructure Administrator (301)860-2999

Information Technology Planning and Strategy

Nicol King Senior IT Business Strategy and
Planning Analyst
Nicole Carter IT Project Manager (301)860-3932

Office of Telecommunications

Edna Palmer Telecommunications Director (301)860-4101
Francis Hamilton PBX Technician (301)860-4039
Alona Turner Assistant Switchboard and
Billing Clerk
Renee Adams Switchboard Operator  (301)860-4103
Emma Hickenbottom Switchboard Operator (301)860-4113