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Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) is responsible for several functional areas that include employment, benefits, policy development, human resources information/records management, compensation, and labor relations. OHR has eight full-time staff members and two contingent staff members who provide support for the office and its function. The goal of the office is to provide support for the faculty and staff to fulfill the mission of Bowie State University.

In this regard, the human resources staff is committed to devoting its efforts and resources to the following areas:

  • Recruitment–It is the goal of OHR to attract, retain, and train highly qualified faculty and staff to ensure that they assist in meeting the mission of the University. Positions are advertised and competitively staffed through the University’s recruitment process. Subsequent to employment, faculty and staff are introduced to technology and training to ensure that they are equipped to function effectively.
  • Compensation–Faculty and staff are provided competitive salaries, including merit increases and cost of living adjustments (COLAs) to attract and retain them.
  • Benefits–Attractive medical, retirement, and leave benefits are provided to staff through the state of Maryland. All employees may contribute a certain percentage of their base pay to a tax-deferred supplemental retirement plan or an after-tax plan. The University also offers generous leave plans (sick and annual) for employees to utilize.

The Office of Human Resources welcomes the opportunity to assist you.