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Capital Projects & Other Campus Improvements

The Bowie State University Facilities Master Plan (FMP) will establish the framework for orderly growth and development of capital improvements on campus. Bowie State University's most recently updated Facilities Master Plan was July, 2016.

Presently there are several Improvement projects underway or recently completed on the Bowie State University campus. These include improvements to academic, administrative and athletic facilities.

Center for Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Nursing (CNSMN): This is a 148,995 square foot academic building which serves as the new home for the departments of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Nursing.  The building provides shared interactive classrooms, state-of-the-art research and instructional laboratories, a natural sciences greenhouse, and a nursing skills simulation site.  The building also includes several energy efficiency mechanisms.  The CNSMN opened in Spring, 2017. Read more >>

Student Center Quad/Old Crawford Science Green Space
This is the third and final phase of the Center for Natural Sciences, Mathematics & Nursing. The green space provides seating opportunities and programmable open space that will allow for impromptu meetings, study sessions and large gatherings. A series of terraced seat walls provide structure for gathering against the student center outdoor terrace. The area includes an active bio-swale and drainage system. The bio swale area will include stone weirs to allow for water infiltration. The anticipated completion is December 1, 2017.

Campus Wide Way Finding
This ongoing project is to improve vehicular and pedestrian circulation through the campus by directing visitors to the appropriate parking lots and by directing pedestrians to the buildings. The project will also standardize the signage throughout campus to help create a sense of campus identity.  The exterior phase will begin this year through 2018.  The interior phase will begin after completion of the exterior phase.



Equity Compliance Suite
The new office suite located in the second floor of the Library is a newly created office of about 1,600 square feet. In designing the waiting area and the individual offices, special consideration was given to protecting the privacy of Equity Compliance's business dealings.

Lactation Room
The new Lactation Room located on the second floor of the Library is a converted old Secure Store room that provides a private and comfortable space to allow use for staff, faculty, or students who are new lactating mothers. The renovation is fully ADA accessible and houses a place for temporary storage for needed equipment.

MLK restrooms
The project included the renovation of the Men’s and Women’s restrooms on the second floor. This work was completed in April 2017.

Campus Wide Solar PV Project
Through a grant secured by the Maryland Energy Administration, the University is currently in its initial phase to install a 1.6 MW Solar PV System on campus. Solar panels will be installed at four sites that include: 1) the roof of Marshall Library, 2) the roof of James Gymnasium, 3) a solar canopy on Parking Lot D, and 4) a ground site adjacent to the softball field. The estimated completion date is September 2018.

 University Relations and Marketing Suite
The project converted the abandoned Printing Office to the new University Relations and Marketing suite located on the lower level of Robinson Hall. The daylight spectrum lit suite is about 3,000 square feet and houses the Director, the designers and writers, specially designed cubicles for collaboration, and space to increase staff. The space also contains a whiteboard wall, a conference room with video conferencing capability, copier/storage room, kitchenette area, and a filming room for assisting with photography or video recordings. Project was completed in April 2016.

Goodloe Apartments
This project includes painting of interior windows and window framing, painting and plastering of interior rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and common areas. There is also the rehabilitation of new dorm rooms as well as repair to damaged cabinetry, and reconstruction of the outside window ledge back to the wall.



In addition to the capital projects for academic and administrative buildings, there are other projects for supporting student athletes and the overall student experience, including improvements to athletic facilities.

Leonidas S. James Physical Education Complex HVAC Phase II
The project included an HVAC upgrade for the remainder of James Gymnasium, comprising of offices, classrooms, locker rooms and the pool area. (Phase I Addressed the HVAC in the arena). The previous system was at best old and inefficient or even non-existent. The project improvements will provide an improved building environment whilst reducing overall operating costs of the HVAC system. Construction was substantially completed in April 2017.

Leonidas S. James Physical Education Complex Office Renovation
The project includes the renovation of office areas for Athletics, ROTC, and Sports Management in addition to the renovation of two classrooms. The work comprised of painting, new carpet and vinyl tile, and rehabilitation of the restrooms including new lockers. The hallways were also painted throughout the gym. Work was completed by the end of July 2017.

Leonidas S. James Physical Education Complex Restrooms
The project consisted of the complete renovation of the two main restrooms that serve all occupants and visitors to the gym. The work was completed August 2017.

Leonidas S. James Physical Education Complex Locker Rooms
The project is for the rehabilitation of four locker rooms in the gym. Two of the locker rooms are for the Men and Women’s basketball teams, and two locker rooms are for the general student body and other users of the gym. It includes painting, new ceramic tile, rubber floors and new lockers. The work will be completed by mid-September 2017.

Leonidas S. James Physical Education Complex Fire Alarm Upgrade
The project provides for the complete installation of the fire alarm/notification system to bring it in line with the present building code. The work will was completed by August 2017.

Leonidas S. James Physical Education Complex Swimming Pool
The project includes a complete rehabilitation of the swimming pool, requiring demolition and removal of layers of older plasterwork and replacement with a new water proofing course and plaster. The equipment for the pool operation will also be replaced with new and more efficient equipment as well as many of the pool lights. The project is scheduled for completion by November 2017.