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Key Access Procedure


The purpose this procedure is to provide the guidelines for access to University owned and leased facilities by keys and cards to provide appropriate access to authorized individuals; to facilitate timely access in case of emergency; to enhance personal safety for all members of the University community; and to secure the moveable physical assets of the University. It is the University’s intent to continue to evaluate new technologies and to implement those that are most efficient, user-friendly and cost effective.

Master Key & Lock System

All University facilities, currently equipped with a lock and key system, will be accessible by the University Master Key and Lock System.  Off-master locks will only be authorized for specifically identified sensitive areas that require special security control.  Such areas will be jointly determined by the Directors of Public Safety and Facilities Management along with the requesting Department Head.

With the issuance of keys, individual University employees will be issued the following:

  1. The lowest level key in the system hierarchy that is necessary to provide access required by the individual’s position and responsibilities and
  2. The least number of keys

All keys are the property of the University.  It is a violation of this University policy for any employee to attempt to duplicate keys issued by the University.  Only the Facilities Management Department (FMD) is authorized to duplicate keys. Keys issued will be marked with a distinctive stamp.

NOTE:  Duplication of keys by an outside locksmith is strictly prohibited.


The FMD is responsible for installing, maintaining, servicing, replacing and updating all locks used to secure University facilities and property.  This responsibility includes the design of lock systems, maintenance and service to locks, issuance of all keys, and maintenance of cores, keys and records.  No outside locksmith may perform work at the University without prior approval of the Director of Facilities Management.

Individual room or area keys will be issued to University employee’s upon request from the appropriate unit administrator (Vice-President, Dean, Chairperson, Director, or their designee) in accordance with the key issuance authorization procedure outlined herein.   Keys or access codes will be issued to individuals by name and he/she will be solely responsible and accountable for such keys.  Spare keys will not be issued.

The responsible Vice-President, Dean Chairperson and Director or other unit head or designees, may obtain building keys or keys to one or more areas within a building through the key issuance process described herein.  Such keys will be issued only if there is a need for access to multiple areas for performance of assigned duties and responsibilities.

Person(s) to whom the key is assigned must immediately report loss or theft of keys to Public Safety.

Obsolete and unneeded keys will be returned to the FMD for disposal. Individuals are responsible for returning keys to the FMD prior to separation from the University or due to a change in work assignment


For non-university personnel (e.g., long-term contractors) that have an ongoing need for access to University facilities, the FMD will provide appropriate keys as needed upon completion of the key request process.   

In cases where there is no ongoing need for access (e.g. telephone service, electricians, etc) to University facilities, vendors and contractors will obtain keys for temporary use from the Work Controller in the FMD office.  The Facilities Controller will notify Department designees when temporary key issuance for respective areas is needed.


(A)     Request for Room or Area Keys or Access Codes


  • Use the on-line key request form located at
  • Complete all sections of the form and forward it to Supervisor or his/her designee for approval.
  • Requesting Deans/Directors/Department Chairs---need cognizant Vice President or  Provost approval
  • Requesting Vice President or Provost---need approval from President.
  • Use one form per key requested
  • Requestors may only request key production for their assigned areas.
  • Key request forms must be routed appropriately and include proper approvals prior to key issuance.
  • Instructors must return classroom keys at the conclusion of each semester. Failure to return classroom keys will result in non-issuance of classroom keys for subsequent semester.
  • Key recipients will be responsible for the cost of key and lock/core replacement if they fail to return keys, or if the key is lost. Subsequent keys will not be issued without proof of payment (receipt) for lost keys.

(B) Administrative Approval of Request

  • Key request should be reviewed and approved by Deans, Directors, Department Heads or their designees prior to submission to the Facilities Services Department.
  • Approved requests should be emailed or faxed to the FMD, Work Controller using the fax number at the top of the key request form.
  • Request for key approval are routed  as follows:

Step 1. Requestor

Step 2. Requestor’s Supervisor

Step 3. Maintenance Work Control Center (Facilities Office)

Step 4. Lock shop

NOTE: Deans, Directors, and Department Heads may refer to Section A.

  • Electronic confirmation of request will be sent to recipient when request is received with the proper approval.
  • Requestor will be notified via email when key has been cut and is ready for pick up in the Facilities Management office.

(C)  Lost or Stolen Keys

  • Lost or stolen keys should be immediately reported to public safety.
  • Notify the Public Safety Department to check Lost/Found property for missing key and to report the circumstances of lost/stolen key.
  • Key holder is responsible for the cost of lock/key replacement in the event the key is lost, stolen
  • Prior to re-issuance of the lost/stolen key, the key recipient is required to provide a receipt of payment for the cost of the key from Student Accounts as an attachment to their new key request.

(D) Disposition of Obsolete, Recovered or Unneeded Keys

  • Faculty and staff key(s) returned to a Supervisor, Dean, or Director or designee must be forwarded to the Facilities Services Department for proper disposal and updating of key inventory records.
  • Keys should be placed in a suitable envelope along with an explanatory note and  be hand-carried or sent via campus mail to:

Facilities Service Department
Maintenance Building- Room 0101
Attn: Work Controller

NOTE: Even if the same number and type of key is to be re-issued to a subsequent employee, the recovered key(s) must be returned and then reissued via the Key Request Procedure outlined in Section (B) of this document.

(E) Unlocking Rooms

  • To have a classroom, or office unlocked call the FMD Facilities Helpdesk (X-24190).  Rooms will only be unlocked for faculty or staff members. Rooms will NOT be opened for students.
  • Housekeeping may not unlock restricted-access areas. To unlock these types of rooms call the Facilities Department (X-24190) between the hours of 7:30 am and 4:30 p.m.
  • After regular work hours, the requestor must contact the Campus police on (X-24040) to gain entry.