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Notice to Vendors

Vendors are requested to contact the Bowie State University (BSU) Purchasing Office and make an appointment prior to visiting the campus. The Purchasing Office will not meet with sales representatives without an appointment.

The Purchasing Office is comprised of the following personnel:

  • Procurement Director ext. 24212
  • Purchasing Manager ext. 24214
  • Buyer ext. 24213

Sales calls to individual departments are not permitted unless requested by the Department and an appointment has been confirmed between the parties. Once an appointment has been made, the Sales Representative is responsible for notifying the Purchasing Office in writing of the time and date that they will be on campus.

Vendors are advised that campus visits are for informational purposes only and create no obligation on behalf of the University to make purchases from the vendor. Departments are not authorized to accept equipment from vendors on a trial basis and are not permitted to enter into contracts with vendors without the prior written approval of the BSU Purchasing Office.

Bidders Application


Vendors who have not previously conducted business with BSU are advised to contact the Purchasing Office and obtain a bidder's list application.

The Purchasing Office endeavors to perform the University's business in a fair and equitable manner. Purchases will be made from vendors on the basis of quality, service, delivery, and price.