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Explanation of Charges

Athletic Fee:
These funds are used by the athletic department to help support the athletic programs of the University.

Cooperative Education Fee:
A cooperative education fee is charged to each participating student for counseling services, for personal visits from the coordinator of the Cooperative Education Program while on the job, for mailing all student co-op publications, and for being considered a full-time registered student while working.

Developmental Education Course Fee:
A developmental education fee will be charged to all students enrolled in each developmental mathematics, English, or reading course.

Diagnostic Assessment Fee:
A diagnostic assessment will be charged as a one-time cost for first- and second-year students, including first- and second-year transfer students. This fee supports costs associated with providing assessment tests and related prescriptive support plans for freshman and sophomore students.

Graduation Fee:
A graduation fee is charged as a one-time expenditure to students once they apply for graduation. This fee covers the processing of transcripts and related documents provided to external bodies at the request of the student. This fee offsets the cost of commencement.

ID (Bowie Card):
An annual fee is charged to cover the cost of improving and maintaining the system. If a card is lost or stolen, a $10.00 replacement fee will be charged.

Late Registration Fee:
A late registration fee is charged to any student who completes registration during the late registration period as designated in the University calendar.

Student Teaching Fee:
Each student enrolled in student teaching as part of the instructional program is charged a fee for payment of supervising teachers at the participating schools.

Sustainability Fee:
This is a student supported fee and is charged to cover the University's Green Initiative to lower the carbon footprint of the campus.

Technology Fee:
These fees are used to fund the costs of IT infrastructure and services.

Student Center Fee:
These funds are used to maintain the operation of the Student Center.

University Construction Fee:
These fees are used to fund the debt service on University auxiliary construction projects.

University Activity Fee:
These fees are used by the student organizations for class dues, student publications, dramatics, social events, assembly programs, and other student projects.

Vehicle Registration Fee:
Parking permits are required of all enrolled students, faculty, staff, and visitors who park motor vehicles on campus.