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Tuition Payment Plan

For the tuition payment plan click here

As a convenience, Bowie State University is offering the option to make tuition payments on a monthly basis for currently enrolled students through the tuition payment plan administered by HigherOne.

The tuition payment plan is an interest-free alternative to lump sum tuition payments. Benefits of the plan include:     

  •  Manageable Payments – Pay tuition in manageable installments rather than one lump sum  
  •  No Interest Payments – The tuition payment plan is interest free. It can be used on its own or in addition to loans.
  •  Manage Your Account – 24-hour access to manage your account by phone or online. 

We encourage you to enroll on the tuition payment plan and make paying your tuition more manageable.  

You can sign up to take advantage of this opportunity using your Bulldog Connect log-in:

Steps to Setting up HigherOne Payment Plan

  1. Log into Bulldog Connect
  2. Select the Self-Service drop-down list
  3. Select the Student Center link
  4. Scroll down and select the yellow highlighted (Do not select “Make a Payment”) HigherOne Payment Plan
  5. Follow the corresponding steps