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Events and Meetings

Mark Your Calendars!


All Staff Council members are a viable, visible and valuable part of this organization. To be a part of Staff Council means you have a voice at BSU because you help fulfill the mission and vision of our university. Join us at our monthly meetings and participate in our events. Your voice and presence makes a difference.


Staff Council Hosted Monthly Meetings: 2016-2017 Calendar


All meetings will be on the third (3rd) Thursday of the month, in the Thurgood Marshall Library Special Collections Room, unless otherwise noted. Each meeting is comprised of a two (2) Hour timeframe; broken down into two (2) separate meetings as indicated below:

• (Part I/10:00-10:50am) - University Staff Council (Open) Meeting:

Attendance is “Open to ALL” BSU Staff Employees (Union & Non-Union Members), as well as, any University Administrators that would like to attend.

• (Part II/11:00-12:00pm) – University Staff Council (Members Only) Meeting:

Attendance “Limited” to University Designated BSU Staff Council Members Only (University Administrators and BSU Bargaining Unit/Union Employees Cannot Attend this meeting)



Upcoming Events

USM Women's Forum               Friday, October 21, 2016

Holiday Celebration                 Tuesday, December 6, 2016