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New Employees

The Office of Telecommunications manages the Bowie State University (BSU) communications infrastructure to include the main campus switchboard to efficiently route calls throughout the institution. The communication infrastructure includes the Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) network, voice messaging services, BSU-issued mobile devices, and voice terminal installation and configuration.

Desk Phones

View or download the User Training Guide (pdf)

For installation and changes of lines and phones, contact the Telecom Help Desk.


Set-up from Your Extension

  1. Dial the internal voicemail extension number -24999
  2. Enter the temporary passcode-1234
  3. Follow the prompts-(only you will know the new pass code that you choose)

Set-up from Another Extension

  1. Dial the internal voicemail number-24999
  2. Enter the * key when prompted for a pass code
  3. Enter your mailbox number followed by the * key
  4. Enter your pass code when prompted)

Retrieving Messages

  • Press 7 to Play
  • Press 3 to Delete
  • Press 4 to give the messages to another mailbox
  • Press 5 to save the message
  • Press 7 to replay the message
  • Press 9 to return to main menu
  • Press # to transfer to an extension

Retrieving Messages from an Outside Line

  1. Dial the external voicemail number, 301/860-4999 then press *
  2. Enter your mailbox number followed by the # key
  3. Enter your PIN followed # key

User options:  Press 4 for set up options

User Options

  • Press 1 for Personal Options
  • Press 2 to Record an Automated Greeting
  • Press 3 to Record a Personal and/or Out of Office Greeting
  • Press 8 to change your message

For assistance with voicemail, contact the Telecom Help Desk.


Single Line Phone

While a call is in progress, press FLASH KEY (you will hear stuttered dial tone), dial second extension or 9 then telephone number. After the second party answers, press FLASH KEY to join all parties. NOTE: If you press the FLASH key again, you will drop the last party called.

Multi-Line Set

While a call is in progress, press TRANSFER key (you will hear beeping tone), dial second extension or 9 then telephone number. After second party answers, press CONF key to join all parties.

Moves, Adds, and Changes

Please order all moves, adds, and changes by submitting a Telephone Service Request.  Please remember that all moves should be scheduled with this office to assure scheduling as early as possible.Note: Moves that require new lines may require cabling and a cost associated which must be done with a purchase order before work can start.


This office distributes a monthly bill to all departments. Each employee should review the phone calls made on their extension and all personal long distance calls should be paid for at Students Accounts in the Henry Administration Bldg. Please give your departmental account code.  The receipt or copy should be attached to the department’s bill to be submitted to this office.

Cell Phones

Cell phones for University business are requested for staff and faculty by the Department Chairperson by contacting The Office of Telecommunications directly .  It is important to indicate if the user will be on travel frequently and out-of-state to determine the plan best needed and to keep cell phone charges down.

Long Distance Code

Chairpersons should request in writing for a Long Distance Code with budget code that calls will be charged to.   When code is ready, staff will be notified to pick up code in this office, Robinson Hall, Rm. 119.  Please bring a form of identification (Bowie Card or picture identification) between 8:30 and 4:30 p.m.

Faculty & Staff Directory

The Faculty & Staff Directory is located on the BSU main website.

Note: Please remember to send in information for all faculty and staff members that relocate or are no longer with the University, so that we can keep the directory updated.