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Guest Comments

Bowie State definitely prepared me for life from the start of my undergraduate career to the end. Within my years spent at BSU, I began lifelong friendships, joined my illustrious sorority Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., achieved final revelation of what I desired my future to entail, and found tons of love and support from peers, staff, faculty, and administration. There will ALWAYS be a Spot in my Heart for my Alma Mater!

MaryAnn Jackson (’14)


I just transferred from Prince George's Community College and when I started here, I never imagined I would end up having a 3.5 GPA in my first semester. I was going to apply here when I graduated from high school, but an unfortunate fire caused me to push back my goals to help my family. So I thank God that I am here and living on campus and making good grades.

Chanel Trent


I love Bowie State University, so I was heartbroken when I couldn't finish (my studies) on my first attempt a few years ago. My brother had been shot, and the resulting damage took years to reconcile. Walking in step with a force higher than myself, I found the strength to go back and try it again. I never really got over what happened to my family, but this educational experience is a curative process for all of us. My family and I are filled with great pride, and I would be lost without this opportunity. Cheers to 150 years of a university that truly changes lives, and I take pleasure in the idea of many more to come.

Ryan Kinney, BSU Alumnus


My experience at Bowie State University was eventful and molding. Being a biology major, Student Government Association (SGA) member, athlete, and member of the greatest fraternity in the land, Omega Psi Phi, I learned who I was those five years in college. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Luke Lawal (’12)


As a child and nephew of Bowie graduates, I have so many memories from my childhood of going to homecomings and seeing the vendors on the way down to the football field, taking in the family atmosphere and saying to myself, “This is where I want to be.” My dream came true, and I can honestly say the best years of my life was spent here. From living in Towers to upgrading to Haley (“The Mecca”) to playing four years of football and helping bring the school back on the championship map, lifelong friendships and connections that have helped me become the man I am today. I can’t forget: meeting my wife there was a bonus also.

Eugene Lott (’06)


The experience that I had, the growth that I received here at Bowie ... because of the way the professors encouraged (me), was really powerful.

Barbara Dunn, Class of 1997


... Every week, you're gonna have a quiz: every week. It was an interesting thing that went on during that time -- it was an interesting kind of peer pressure. Because you want to see what your buddy got ... we would always laugh about who got highest score. It was a positive kinda thing that we looked forward to.

Carl Barham, Class of 1962

(Going to Bowie) was very exciting. As young country children, (we) hadn't ever been anywhere or seen anything ... didn't know too many other people. We met a lot of new friends ... I loved it. I loved going to school.

Nina Clarke, Class of 1937