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Religiosity and Medicaid Spending - Brown Bag Research Seminar

April 25, 2017 12:00pm - 1:00pm


Dr. Daniel John Hummel (MMPA) presents; "Religiosity and Medicaid Spending in the United States." All religions have a social aspect oriented towards assisting those in need. In the modern era, the state has taken on some of the responsibility of assisting the needy through the ‘safety net’ with many of the same moral and ethical reasons that religious institutions do the same. One of the areas of interest in the literature is the effect of general religiosity, the personal importance of religion in the population, on public welfare spending decisions. This study is particularly focused on Medicaid spending in the United States at the state level. This is the first study to test this potential relationship across time in a fixed effects panel study of most of the fifty states.


Center for Business and Graduate Studies, Room 3201