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HR: Pre-Tax Parking Deduction

July 21, 2014

BSU Employees:

Beginning July 1, 2014, all regular employees may apply for the Pre-Tax Deduction for the purchase of their parking permits through 20 pre-tax payroll deductions as was done last year.  If you apply for the Pre-Tax Deduction last year, and wish to continue, you do not need to reapply. However, if you which to cancel, you will need to fill out the form and check the cancel box. According to the State's  Central Payroll Bureau, Contingent Staff, Long-Term Contractual and Adjunct Faculty are not eligible to participate in this program.

You must express your desire to purchase your parking permits through pre-taxed payroll deductions. You need only to complete the Pre-Tax Parking Authorization Form and return it to the Campus Safety Office no later than July 28,2014.

Parking permits are available for pick-up beginning the week of August 18. Should you elect to purchase your permit by paying the full amount, you may do so through the Student Accounts Office and then pick up your permit through the Campus Safety Office. The amount of the parking permit will remain the same whether through a one-time purchase or 20 pre-tax payroll deductions.

When your employment ends with the University, parking permits must be returned along with the Clearance Form on or before your last day of employment. Deductions will end with the last check received and will not exceed 20 deductions for the Academic Year.

New employees will be given a temporary permit from June until August 31,2014. The Pre-Tax Parking Authorization Form must be completed in the interim and a parking permit will be available for pickup on August 18, 2014.

Contact Marie Meehan x24050 in Campus Safety or Vanessa Paul x23452 in the Office of Human Resources should you have any questions.