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About 40 Students Display Their Research from Bowie State’s Program

August 1, 2018
4th Annual Summer Undergraduate Research Institute Links Students to Learning Experiences

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(BOWIE, Md.) – From identifying vulnerabilities in blockchain technology to exploring cultural differences in contemporary feminist movements like #MeToo, 43 student researchers working with Bowie State faculty showcased their final projects yesterday from the 4th annual Summer Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI), a project of the Education Innovation Initiative (EI2).

For the first time this year, SURI included students focused on cybersecurity research Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Cybersecurity, funded by the National Science Foundation. One student from Farmingdale State College, Bowie State’s partner institution in the First in the World program, and three students from the University of Maryland, College Park, along with Bowie State students, participated in this program.
Group of SURI students and mentors
Also for the first time, eight Bowie State students from the Entrepreneurship Academy’s inaugural Summer Launch Program also participated in SURI. In a showcase last week, those students also presented to business and community leaders an overview of their companies, largely developed this summer through research and guidance from Bowie State faculty. As part of a restructuring, the Entrepreneurship Academy has been placed under the Office of the Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs, elevating the significance and awareness of entrepreneurship education at Bowie State.

Since 2015, student participation in SURI has nearly tripled, as interest continues to grow. The intensive nine-week Summer Undergraduate Research Institute helps refine students’ analytic skills through establishing mentor relationships with Bowie State faculty, who guide them through the research process. This year, 25 faculty served as mentors. By the end, students have the confidence and experience to present their findings in oral and poster presentations.

The students' projects can now be submitted for publication in academic journals and presentations at research conferences. Their experiences in the program will open additional opportunities to continue their journey in research exploration.

Here is a list of the student researchers, their mentors and projects:

Accounting, Finance, and Economics
SURI Scholar: Chukwuemeka Njere
Mentor: Dr. Tibebe Assefa
Project Title: Determining Factors of Stock Returns Beyond Fama & French’s Three-Factor Model

SURI Scholar: Rita Dill
Project Title: HPTLC (High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography) Method Development for Classifying 23 Different Dried Bean Cultivars
Mentors: Dr. Anne Osano (in collaboration with Dr. Devanand Luthria of USDA)

SURI Scholar: Dante’ Hamiel
Mentors: Dr. Anne Osano (in collaboration with Dr. Devanand Luthria of USDA)
Project Title: Comparing the Oil Content in 14 Cultivars of Soybeans

SURI Scholars: Kayla Adams, Jacquan Hilliard, Olukayode Komolafe
Mentors: Dr. George Ude and Dr. David Igwe
Project Title: Direct-and Indirect-Heptaplex PCR Marker-Assisted Screening in Food Forensic for Detection of Meat Constituents in Processed Food Products

Chemistry and Physics
SURI Scholars: Brenda Tankeudjiotchu, Kilana Jenkins, Mayowa Osunsanya and Julius Green
Mentors: Dr. Jacqueline Smith and Dr. Julius Green
Projects' Titles: Synthesis of 2, 5-Imidazole Analogs
Synthesis of Methylated-5-Azaindole for Transport to the Brain
Synthesis of Methyl - 4 Azaindole Tryptophan Analog

SURI Scholars: Joycelyn Banson, Irania Maradiaga, Olushola Olaitan, and Ugochukwu Uzodinma
Mentors: Dr. Florence Etop and Dr. Eric Bonsu
Project Title: Structurally Modified Aromatic PTCDA Novel Material to Improve OLEDs

SURI Scholars: Christ Warren Tessofo, Isata Yokie, Simbiat Yusuf
Mentor: Dr. Eric Bonsu
Project Title: Synthesis of C-2 Functionalized Ribofuranosylpurine Analogues as Potential Antiviral Agents

SURI Scholars: Andrei Carillo, Sofia Cuenca, Mufaro Shumba
Mentors: Dr. Azene Zenebe
Project Title: Cyber Threat Intelligence Discovery in the Dark Net

SURI Scholar: Jordan Philp and Eric Berry
Mentors: Dr. Haydar Teymourlouei, Dr. Guy-Alain Amoussou
Project Title: Identify BlockChain Authentication Vulnerabilities

SURI Scholars: Hamid Aina, Darren Hislop, Byron Tolson
Mentors: Dr. Guy-Alain Amoussou and Dr. Haydar Teymourlouei
Project Title: Industrial Control Systems: Semantic Attack Prevention

Entrepreneurship/Summer Launch Program
SURI Scholar: Michael Abobor
Mentor: Dr. Eric Bonsu
Project Title: Xtended Yus Markers

SURI Scholar: Brian Barber
Mentor: Dr. Lynne Long
Project Title: Mr. New School

SURI Scholar: Jacob Brown
Mentor: Professor Jainaba Ceesay
Project Title: Brown Roots

SURI Scholar: DeRonte Craig
Mentor: Professor Jainaba Ceesay
Project Title: Mary’s Little Helper

SURI Scholar: Brian Hill
Mentor: Professor Jainaba Ceesay
Project Title: GoFech

SURI Scholars: Richard Foster and Maris Screen
Project Title: Student City Suds
Mentor: Dr. David Abrahams

SURI Scholar: Na’Quon Willett
Mentor: Professor Richard Lowery
Project Title: Taste Block

Nursing and Social Work
SURI Scholars: Cynthia Ayodele, Kenice Brooks, Javon Scott, Jordan Thomas
Mentors: Dr. Emory L. Perkins and Dr. Cordelia Obizoba, RN
Project Title: A Comparative Investigation of Nursing and Social Work Students' Knowledge and Attitudes Towards HIV/AIDS Patients

SURI Scholars: Fiona Gilpin, Sadiyah Jenkins, Malaysia Johnson, Destinee Mincy, Fatima Seasay
Mentors: Dr. Ayanna Lynch and Dr. Derrick Bullock
Project Title: #MeToo?: Perceived Cultural Differences in the Current Feminist Movements

SURI Scholars: Shannel Blake, Maxwell Lawson, Debora Louis
Mentors: Dr. Ometha Lewis-Jack and Dr. Cheryl Blackman
Project Title: The Effects of Collaborative Project-Based Learning on Self-efficacy, Academic Success, and Persistence Rate




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