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Brand Campaign 2013

In the continued effort to build brand awareness of Bowie State University in Prince George’s County and beyond, the Office of University Relations and Marketing has launched a marketing campaign that promotes the “Find Strength, Take Pride” message. The campaign showcases the diversity of Bowie State students and the quality of the experience they receive at the University.

Take your own photos of the ads and tweet them to @bowiestate and tag @bowiestateuniversity on Instagram. Use #findstrengthtakepride.

Here is a sampling of some of the Metro ads:

Metro Station Shelter Ad

Metro Station Shelter AdMetro Station Shelter Ad photo


Metro Station Poster

Metro Station PosterMetro Station Poster photo


Metro Station Platform Runner

Metro Station Platform RunnerMetro Station Platform Runner photo

Metro Bus: Bus Side

Metro Bus: Bus SideMetro Bus: Bus Side photo

Metro Bus: Interior

Interior of Metro Bus photo

 Metro Bus: Interior 1

Metro Bus: Interior 2

Metro Bus: Interior 3

Metro Bus: Interior 4

Metro Bus: Interior 5

Metro Bus: Interior 6