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Brand Launch

Are you a proud Bulldog? Check out the new Bowie State University video, “Find Strength. Take Pride.”
Take pride in your school, and share the video with friends.


In 1865, Bowie State University was founded as one of the first black colleges in the nation.

We began with a single mission: to give more people access to a high-quality education. That mission still lives today. In fact, it’s stronger than ever.

Today, tomorrow, and forever, we will be here to educate students who believe that we all deserve access to the same opportunities, and that we all deserve to feel a strong sense of pride. A sense of pride that is honest and authentic, that doesn’t come from blind conviction or unconditional support. A sense of pride that is thoughtful and unselfish, never arrogant or vain. The kind of pride that can only come from finding the strength to overcome your fears, push your limits, and exceed your potential. Here, that kind of pride isn’t just something you’re given.

It’s something you take.

At Bowie State, you’ll find confidence in our strong heritage, and you’ll become part of our successful legacy. You’ll find access to opportunities that let you take on exciting new challenges. You’ll find comfort within a community of open-minded people, and you’ll take in new perspectives that you’ve never considered before. You’ll find new possibilities, and you’ll take charge of your future. But most importantly, you’ll find strength that you didn’t even know you had — and you’ll take away a feeling of pride that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Bowie State University: Find strength. Take pride.