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Appointed Committees

Current Committees

  • Civility Commission
  • Faculty Staff Campaign
  • Climate Commitment Coordinating Committee (C4)
  • Budget Advisory Group
  • 2015 Peer Selection Committee
  • 2014 Athletic Director Search Committee

Civility Commission


  • Dr. Artie L. Travis, Division of Student Affairs
  • Dr. William B. Lewis, Department of History and Government   

Graduate Student Association

  • Ms. Priyadarshini Persaud, GSA First Vice President
  • Ms. Valerie Bowden-Allen, GSA Financial Secretary

Student Government Association

  • Ms. Danielle Champion, SGA Executive Secretary
  • Mr. Brandon Walker, SGA Freshmen Class President

Staff Council Nominees

  • Ms. Yvette Caldwell, Division of Institutional Advancement
  • Ms. Tamisha Ponder, Division of Student Affairs

Faculty Senate/Faculty

  • Dr. Chaobin Liu, Department of Mathematics, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Darla Scott, Department of Counseling, College of Education

At-Large Representatives

  • Dr. Joseph Spears, Faculty Athletic Representative
  • Ms. Fusako Ito, Thurgood Marshall Library
  • Dr. Dorsha Goodman, Academic Advisement Center
  • Dr. Eva Garin, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Representative
  • Ms. Alanna Dennis, Office of the President
  • Mr. Thomas Johnson, Athletics Department

Support Staff

  • Dr. Shirelle Briscoe, Office of the Provost
  • Ms. Thomasina Boardley, Division of Student Affairs
  • Dr. Doug Nutter, Office of Planning, Analysis, and Accountability
  • Ms. Morgan Gilpatrick, University Relations and Marketing
  • Ms. Tatia Pack, Office of Residence Life

FY 2017 Budget Advisory Group

  • Rene Howard, Vice President, GSA
  • Vonzella McQueen, Director of Fiscal Affairs, GSA
  • Nora Dozier, Staff Council
  • Rosalind Muchiri, Staff Council
  • Dr. Patricia Westerman, Faculty Senate
  • Dr. Cubie Bragg, Faculty Senate
  • Shannon Dotson, President, SGA
  • Jada Jeffers, Treasurer, SGA

2015 Peer Selection Committee

Dr. Guy-Alain Amoussou, Chairperson
Gayle Fink, Support Staff
Dr. Clayton Steen, Support Staff
Dr. Freddie Vaughns, Support Staff
Gail Fogg, Graduate Student Association
John Fields, Graduate Student Association
Michael Atkins, Staff Council
Gregory Goings, Staff Council
Charles Marshall, Student Government Association
Karina Sanchez, Student Government Association
Dr. David Anyiwo, Faculty Senate
Dr. Gina Lewis, Faculty Senate

2014 Athletic Director Search Committee

Mr. Alfonzo Powell, BSU National Alumni Association, AD Search Committee Chairperson
Dr. Patricia Ramsey, Faculty Senate
Mr. Robert Batten, Staff Council
Mr. William Nathan, Graduate Student Association
Ms. Courtney Scott, Student Government Association
Mr. Darrell Brooks, Men’s Basketball Coach
Ms. Ayanna Tweedy, Student Athlete

2014-2015 Budget Advisory Group:

Dr. Cubie Bragg, Department of Counseling, Faculty Senate
Dr. Patricia Westerman, Faculty Senate
Ms. April L. Johnson, Staff Council
Mr. George Jones, Staff Council
Ms. Jasmine Adkins-Taylor, Student Government Association
Mr. Charles Marshall, Student Government Association
Ms. LaVesha C. Huff, Graduate Student Association
Mr. Marcus D. Craig, Graduate Student Association

Information Technology Advisory Board  2013-2014

Mr. Wayne Rose, VP for Technology/CIO, Bowie State University (Chair)
Ms. Linda Cureton
, CEO of Muse Technologies, Inc. and former Chief Information Officer of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), author of The Leadership Muse
Mr. Larry Spriggs, President & CEO, SoftCon. Inc.
Mr. Dwayne Robinson, Executive Tia Properties, LLC, former President and Chief Executive Officer – Vision Systems & Technology, Inc.
Dr. Lethia Jackson, Chair, Department of Computer Science, Bowie State University
Dr. David E. Anyiwo, Chair, Department of Management Information Systems, Bowie State University
Mr. Suresh Murugan, Technology Security Officer, Bowie State University
Mr. Ken Kurz, Director, Information Services/CIO, United States Naval Academy Alumni Association & Foundation
Dr. Alissa Johnson, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Executive Office of the President
Dr. Sherri Braxton-Lieber, Special Assistant to the Provost & Director of Course Redesign, Bowie State University

Brazilian Initiative Task Force

Weldon Jackson

Ella Carter
Faculty, College of Business

Elliott Parris
Faculty, College of Professional Studies,
and Director of International Programs

George Ude
Faculty, College of Arts and Sciences

George Acquaah
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Robert Batten
Student Affairs

Tylar Brock
Student, SGA President

Rhonda Jeter Twilley
Associate Dean, College of Education

Fabio Chacon
Academic Computing

Monika Gross
Faculty, Director of Honors Program

Artie Travis
Vice President of Student Affairs

Shelley Aboagye
Student, Graduate Student Association


Strategic Planning Committee

Shared Governance Representatives

Sammye Miller
Faculty, History and Government

Tylar Brock
Student, Student Government Association

Patricia Ramsey
Faculty, Natural Sciences

Mark Young
Student, Graduate Student Association

Frederick Mills
Faculty, Philosophy

Trenita Johnson
Staff, Student Affairs (Housing)

Yolanda Pearson
Student, Graduate Student Association

Jerry Isaacs
Staff, Academic Affairs (Continuing Education)


Academic Deans

George Acquaah
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Jerome Schiele
Dean, College of Professional Studies

Traki Taylor-Webb
Dean, College of Education

Cosmas Nwokeafor
Interim Dean, Graduate Studies

Anthony Nelson
Dean, College of Business


Other Faculty, Staff and Administration

Gayle Fink
AVP, OPPA and Co-Chair

Becky Verzinsky
AVP University Assessment

Jeanette Evans
Interim AVP Enrollment Management

Otis Thomas

Freddie Vaughns
Academic Affairs/Closing the Achievement Gap

Darryl Williford
Director of Facilities Management

Yvette Galloway
Director of Academic Advisement

Lonnie Morris
Director of Admissions

Sherri Braxton-Lieber
Course Redesign

Anika Bissahoyo
Office of Sponsored Research


Cabinet Members

Karl Brockenbrough
Vice President for Administration and Finance

Cassandra Robinson
Director, University Relations and Marketing

Richard Lucas
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Wayne Rose
Vice President for Information Technology

Artie Travis
Vice President for Student Affairs


Past Committees

  • 2010 Athletic Director Search Committee 
  • 2010 New Provost Search Committee
  • 2008 New Provost Search Committee
  • 2007 Strategic Planning Committee
  • 2007 Communications Task Force
  • Dean of the School of Education Search Committee