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FY 2012 Enhancement Options

Bowie State University

Enhancement Request  ($1,351,648)



State Priority

Base Budget




High-quality Academic Programs


Strengthen academic program and course assessment infrastructure

Improve institution-wide system of academic program and course assessment to facilitate high-quality implementation and to obtain additional external program accreditations with the permanent hire of assessment personnel.


Regional Economic and Workforce Development


Advance STEM teaching , research and outreach programs

Enhance the STEM teaching and research infrastructure; develop and broadcast TV-based educational programs targeted at secondary school students; and restructure/enhance the Dual degree in mathematics/engineering.


Regional Economic and Workforce Development


Increase number of highly-qualified nursing graduates that enter the workforce and advance the economic growth of the region

Reduce the bottleneck between the number of students entering BSU indicating undergraduate nursing as a major and the number admitted to the undergraduate nursing program with the addition of essential faculty and staff.



Enhancement of university-wide retention and graduation rate improvement efforts


Improve undergraduate student tracking and enrollment management support systems

Invest in the development and/or procurement of decision support systems that support BSU recruitment, retention of first and second year students, upper division matriculation-to-graduation, and general enrollment management models.


High-quality Academic Programs


Sustain high-quality academic programs in Counseling

Invest in the sustainability of the largest graduate program on the BSU campus and meeting the goal to obtain CACREP (Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related  Educational Programs) accreditation with an increase in faculty hires in School Counseling, Mental Health and  Counseling Psychology.