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Greeting to the African American Leadership Forum

I. Welcome back to Bowie State University!

II. Bowie State University 

  • Founded in 1865 as the Baltimore Normal School, Bowie State University is the oldest HBCU in Maryland, and one of the oldest in America. It was founded by the Baltimore Association for the Moral and Educational Improvement of Colored People. "Initially, the school operated both as a grammar school and a normal school..." As the institution grew and developed, it underwent several name changes, finally achieving university status in 1988 when it became known as "Bowie State University."
  • This fall's enrollment is around 5,300, about 23% of whom are graduate students
  • 90% of our undergraduates are African American; 4% are white.
  • 81% of our graduate students are African American; 13% are white.
  • The majority of our students are from Prince George's County (59% of undergraduates; 65% of graduate students).
  • 64% of undergraduates are female; 75% of graduate students are female.
  • We offer 19 programs at the bachelor's level, 20 programs at the master's level, and two doctoral programs-the Doctor of Education in educational leadership and the Doctor of Applied Science in computer science.
  • Bowie State University has particular strength in computer science, mathematics, and management information systems
  • Started a principals' academy this fall to benefit new and veteran principals
  • Have the fastest supercomputer in Maryland and one of the fastest in the world, an invaluable research tool for our faculty and students and a resource for small and developing businesses. The AME Zion University in Liberia and the Njala University in Sierra Leone will benefit from this supercomputer by using the BSU Virtual Incubator Network to aid in economic development and basic education.
  • Our mission: "To enable students to think critically, value diversity, and become effective leaders..." 

III. Dispel the notion that you're about to outgrow our campus. Know that you are welcome back!

IV. Have a great meeting! 

Mickey L. Burnim 
February 8, 2007