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Undergraduate Program

The Department of Communications at Bowie State University offers five concentrations from which you can choose one that best suits your preferred track. You are always welcome to consult a communications academic advisor to help you choose a concentration. Each of the concentrations is described as following:

Broadcast Journalism: This concentration provides you with the education and skills to work in the broadcast production industry. This entails working with television cameras, producing, and directing television and/or radio programs. You will have the opportunity to be involved in producing television programs for BSU-TV Channel 74 and programs for BSU Radio.
COMM-Broadcast-Journalism-Sp14 (PDF)

Emerging Media: This concentration provides you with the skills required to pursue careers in content programming, sales, advertising, and administration within both traditional and emerging technology industries.  Due to the increasing convergence within the media, managers need to have a fundamental understanding of how all aspects of media organizations function (from planning to production to distribution to evaluation).  You will have the opportunity to learn about communications technology, policy and laws, and management techniques in such global fields as broadcast/cable television organizations, telephony, and the internet.  In addition, a program of sound business fundamentals will be provided to accompany the core media classes.  You will also obtain an internship position/s that will help to enhance their management skills and provide them with a better understanding of how media managers plan, organize, direct, and train the human and conceptual aspects of the mass media.
COMM-Emerging-Media-Sp14 (PDF)

Print Journalism: This concentration focuses on providing the education and skills required to work in the area of print journalism, e.g. newspaper and/or magazine industry. You also acquire the writing and reporting skills that are necessary to pursue a career in this area. You will have the opportunity to work with the student newspaper, The Spectrum, which is distributed campus-wide.

Public Relations: This concentration provides you with the education and skills to help organizations build goodwill and long-term relationships with their public. You will also learn how to manage organizational crises, how to write effective press releases, and build long-lasting organizational relationships with the community. In addition, you will have the opportunity to hone your public relations skills through use of a multimedia lab, working in an internship position, and completing the capstone Advanced Public Relations (APR Group) class. The APR Group operates as a public relations firm and provides students with hands-on experiences in developing and implementing communications plans and activities for actual clients. Click the following link for more information about the APR Group.
COMM-Public-Relations-Sp14 (PDF)


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