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800 Level Courses

COSC 819 - Image Processing II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: COSC 719

This course is a study in the analysis of data stored as images. Image and video data processing has emerged as a major study area in computer science. Topics include color image processing, compression techniques, wavelet and multi resolution processing, image segmentation, and object recognition and tracking.


COSC 829 - Advanced Virtual Reality Systems

3 Credits

Prerequisites: COSC 729

The course explains how to build complex virtual worlds being able to distributed on the networks. Advanced concepts for real-time animation, 3d interaction, gesture recognition, audio,haptic rendering, collision detection and response, facial communication , voice recognition and synthesis will be covered. Students will design and develop an interactive, three dimensional (3D) game or educational application.


COSC 831 - Advanced Data Warehousing and Data Mining

3 Credits

Prerequisites: COSC 531

This course covers the fundamentals of data warehousing architecture and issues involving planning, constructing and maintaining a data warehouse.  The course introduces the concept of data mining and how it relates to data warehousing.  The specific topics covered include the logical design of a data warehouse, data staging area and extract-transform-load processing.  The course discusses multi-dimensional analysis using OLAP techniques, and coverage of knowledge discovery processing including common data modeling techniques.


COSC 871 - Numerical Optimization 

3 Credits

Prerequisites: COSC 541

Study of linear and non-linear programming focusing on the implementation and analysis of algorithms.  Numerical aspects such as propagation of errors and the control of errors will be covered.  Topics such as genetic algorithms and simulated annealing will be included as global optimization techniques.


COSC 887 - High Performance Computing 

3 Credits

Prerequisites: Graduate status

This course explores the architectural classifications and taxonomies of parallel machines.  Topics include enabling technologies including advanced processor concepts, interconnection networks, parallel performance and scalability.  An introduction to parallel algorithms and programming models will be studied.


COSC 890-899 Selected Topics in COSC

1 Credit min/ 8 Credits max

Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of comprehensive examination

These courses are seminar courses which require the student to research topics of their choosing.  This research should adequately demonstrate the student's proficiency in the subject material.  At the end of the semester the students are required to write a report of their study/findings and make a seminar presentation.