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Master's of Computer Science with a Specialization in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Specialization

Artificial Intelligence includes the study of AI principles and techniques, as well as foundational material on topics such as logic, probability, and language. Topics in the AI concentration include knowledge representation and logical reasoning, robotics, machine learning, probabilistic modeling and inference, natural language processing, cognition, and applications.

Standard Core Courses

  • COSC 502- Computer Organization
  • COSC 504- Data and Information Structures
  • COSC 514- Operating Systems I
  • COSC 522- Discrete Math
  • COSC 528- Design and Analysis of Algorithms


  • COSC 573- Artficial Intelligence I
  • COSC 574- Machine Learning, or COSC 590- Selected Topics on Machine Learning
  • COSC 650- Pattern Recognition
  • COSC 673- Artificial Intelligence II
  • COSC 674- Applied Machine Learning, or COSC 691- Selected Topics on Machine Learning


One option of the following:

  • COSC 690- Selected Topics on Artificial Intelligence and COSC 698-Applied Research in Computer Science, or
  • COSC 696-Master's Thesis I(Computer Science) & COSC 697-Master's Thesis II.